Looks like I get to cancel two appointments today because of a snowstorm :bounce:. I know some of you will be crawling under the covers to play host to some germs. For idled or fevered minds, here's a little fantasy, inspired by some PMs with Goddess_Dreams, which you can build on or let die a stupid death (this may be a dud of an idea).

Picture this: a luxury space ship--not too large, maybe a little bigger than the Jupiter 2 ("Lost in Space")--and each of us gets her own stateroom. Food? Why the food replicator (a la "Star Trek") will make whatever you like via voice command. Even better, the perfume replicator can give you a spray of all programmed formulations. Just as Captain Jean-Luc Picard would order, "Tea, hot, Earl Grey," you might ask for "Guerlain, Vega, vintage."

The purpose of our Intergalactic Sniffapalooza is to explore strange new planets and civilizations, to boldly sniff where no woman has sniffed before, collecting and analyzing scent molecules from undiscovered plants--or just go shopping in alien bazaars.

This is a test of your creativity and/or nerdiness. (Will always wonder what former member Veronica would do with a topic like this.) What thoughts does such a migration inspire within your imagination? From Mel Brooks' spoof "Space Balls" to Carl Sagan's serious Pale Blue Dot, can you guess what the distant future of fragrance might become? One day, our kind will leave this planet to terraform other worlds. Space agencies have lists of seeds/plants that will travel with our descendants. Surely they cannot leave Earth without copies of its finest artistry: music, art and scent, too.

If nothing else, let this thread become a variation on that old question, "If you were stranded on a desert island, what scents ..."