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    Default Are old frags from eBay any good?

    I mean frags that have launched more than five years ago. Would they be going bad anytime soon assuming they've been kept away from light and heat? Has anyone had this problem before? I just bought 2.5 oz Bulgari Black blind yesterday and it'll take me a long time to use all the bottle (good thing they don't come in 3.4 oz).

    Another good thing, I doubt anyone would be imitating that horrible hockey puck of a spray bottle, lol.
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    Default Re: Are old frags from eBay any good?

    according to Creed house, the more natural ingredient based perfumes are the better they age (provided kept in good conditions - in box no light or extreme temps).

    just make sure you only buy non evaporated and sealed vintage perfume!! - one exception most Arpege vintages seem to turn rancid with age. in boxes sealed quality perfumes can last up to 20-30 years.

    I bought sealed Joy, Mitsouko, 1000, Normandie (edt), Vol de Nuit extraits de parfum vintages and all are way more beautiful than the "new" ones wich I have too - huge difference btwn new and vintage Mitsouko extrait - the new one is harsher, greener with a stronger synthetic tar note, the vintage is creamier, earthier, darker but luminous, just feels more multi-dimensional.

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    Default Re: Are old frags from eBay any good?

    I recently purchased a vintage Rochas Femme that's at least as old as I am. Smelling from the bottle, you can definitely tell it's old, the top is all off, it lacks sparkle--but on the skin it smells really, really good--very smooth leathery plum.

    I don't think Bulgari Black is going to change that much if it's full and hasn't been exposed to broiling heat. Check the seller's feedback!

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    Default Re: Are old frags from eBay any good?

    I have bought over 40 fragrances from ebay and so far it's been reliable. Always read the seller's feedback though because there are a lot of fakes being sold out there. Also, testers are always the real deal.

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    Default Re: Are old frags from eBay any good?

    Interestingly my H&R Perfumebook (from 1991) states that fragrances should be used within half a year. I believe this is perfume industry poppycock. They wish...

    The only thing old I ever bought that seemed not to be in perfect condition (but I'm not sure, it just seems the top notes are too muted) was a 70% full bottle of Cravache - but it's still quite nice.

    Funny, I think the bottle is the best part of Bulgari Black
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