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    Default tiptoe through sephora

    I know it's not fair to write disparagingly of eau's beloved after only putting them on under an hour ago but nobody said life or supermarky were fair!

    rochas man: less of a chocolate mess than A*men, but not much

    matsuhita (sic?): male - - - is that male (sic) meaning, female? if I had to ascribe a sex to the androgynous canteloupe it would be female.

    gucci ph, well, a woody fragrance, nothing to sing about but not awful. would not kill cockroaches and deter cher in a post apocalyptic battle for survival, as would serge lutens Cedre, but it might keep moths away... it's certainly not drawing me in like a moth to a flame. I guess the word "meh" applies! In this context it's high praise.

    gucci envy - opoponax and tom ford it must be... um. . . never mind . .. (and I just purchased this one blind for only $10. such an idiot not to try it first, but I guess I just am longing for as rosie odonnel would say my tommy's embrace again...) I seem to remember that the rest of the notes on this read like a typical overloaded olfactory house of horrors, smells like a ladies perfume to me, besides. I'll have to stick with the tom ford crotch scent of black orchid.

    versace dreamer: dry cleaning fluids with a glazing of Sweet'n'Low mixed with our old friend Woolite/Gendarme. Gendarme with implants.

    chanel pour mssr - it's stronger than the rest, and it's the most genteel. biiiiig deal! as charles jourdan sings in the actually pretty tedious movie itself, "Gigi": It's a bore!

    I know I tested too many there are even a couple more on me I think...

    But I really seem to just hate designer fragrances, too many notes, no character, too much of a blast of something like tuberose to them, this white noise element that is so abrasive, like inhaling ammonia, ALL OF THEM here have it except maybe the chanel. also tried matsuhita very male but . . .. in this context might as well not have even, can barely percieve it in its place where I knew I sprayed it. It's not designed for a nose exhausted by these others and that's ok cause I couldn't be less interested in it anyway.

    "I guess we should have gone STRAIGHT to Peck and Peck after all!" - as edith massey says in "polyester"

    It's not like I haven't had dismissive thoughts about things I came to love, but I can't possibly imagine warming up to any of these.

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    Default Re: tiptoe through sephora

    Quote Originally Posted by supermarky
    versace dreamer: dry cleaning fluids with a glazing of Sweet'n'Low mixed with our old friend Woolite/Gendarme. Gendarme with implants.
    With implants, no less!

    Too bad you didn't have a good time at Sephora, marky.
    De gustibus non est disputandum

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    Default Re: tiptoe through sephora

    I agree that designer scents can be frustrating at times, but this rant is a bit ridiculous. I would buy it more if some of your impresssions weren't so far off. For instance, The Dreamer has nothing to do with Gendarme. You probably didn't let it dry down. Also, Envy=a women's perfume? Envy gets quite woody in the drydown. And Rochas Man, despite being a gourmand, isn't really that similar to A*Men. It has more of a coffee/chocolate milk vibe whereas A*Men has more of a dark chocolate/patchouli vibe. Imo Rochas Man is much messier than the Rochas, but I suppose that this issue is totally subjective. Anyways, it sounds likely you these scents aren't for you, but you did judge them a bit quickly and unfairly. The fact is that some of these are rather out of the box for designer scents, to the point that if they were marketed as niche I think that you would believe it and give them much more of a chance. I mean c'mon, these aren't the latest Hugo scent or the newest version of Aqua di Gio. These are legitimate scents, like them or not.

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    Default Re: tiptoe through sephora

    Quote Originally Posted by The_Giraffe
    I agree that designer scents can be frustrating at times, but this rant is a bit ridiculous. I would buy it more if some of your impresssions weren't so far off. For instance, The Dreamer has nothing to do with Gendarme. You probably didn't let it dry down. Also, Envy=a women's perfume? Envy gets quite woody in the drydown.
    Gotta agree with my animal friend here - the Dreamer's quirky yet horrendous juniper opening and the nice tobacco drydown have nothing in common what so ever with Gendarme, which has none of these notes. No one can confuse one for the other.

    Envy isnt as woody as Gucci pour homme, and maybe its the sweet accord which dominates in the top and middle notes which led you to state that it might be more suited as a womans fragrance (although women can certainly wear it). It does get woodier as it dries down, but not too woody...there is a fair bit of nutmeg and ginger mixed in there.

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    Default Re: tiptoe through sephora

    What is the point of this thread supermarky? I am very honest guy, but you sound so out of line in this post. It is very 'I am above anything that I didn't buy at Barney's'. I will look past it.

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    Default Re: tiptoe through sephora

    I don't know they just all gross me out. It's true dreamer doesn't smelll ike gendarme anymore but. . . doesn't smell at all practically but it certainly starts off similar, woolite like.

    also, anything with chocolate just disgusts me, even cdg spicy cocoa which I used to defend. even profumo chocolate frais, it doesn't matter if it's niche or not.

    envy now doesn't smell so feminine, but it did at first...

    I did say I was posting within an hour of spraying.

    anyway . . . it doesn't have to come from barney's but from sephora, there really isn't anything for me there including fresh which is separated in its own little niche. I shouldn't be so downputting I suppose. sorry! I also really can't stand most Creeds. For me many of these fall into a class of "traditional" that I just totally can't relate to. And, just cause when they drydown they aren't so bad, that . . . seems only a function, for my palatte (sic), of their being pretty much over with. too many notes! too harsh and sweet at the same time.

    definitely my "smells like" comparisons are off cause my knowledge is still scant. when I say amen really I mean any men's fragrance with chocolate, but aren't they really all basically post amen variations? I just can't stand the prototype. And Amen is a men's fragrance in this way: too many notes, chaos. If the niche scents had not come along, I would not be into wearing anything. and it's definitely not about their being exclusive and expensive, it's about their having identity and real beauty, to me at least, which. to me, these kinds of men's fragrances absolutely do not. I mean if you put down some scents as "old lady" this is a similar kind of distaste I feel for these things.

    You would have to admit, I think that the dreamer and gendarme are quite similar in the opening?
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    Default Re: tiptoe through sephora

    I guess supermarky is entitled to his opinion, and I agree with him on all except Envy (agree in the sense that they dont smell anything special, not the similarity comparisons).

    Envy was one of my first loves, and its still pretty good. But after smelling No.88, Creed Vintage Tabarome, Serge Lutens Chergui, L'Artisan Dzing!, et al, it does lose quite a bit of its magic when you come back to it.

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    Default Re: tiptoe through sephora

    I would have expected that lured in by the niche stuff, I would eventually develop an appreciation for the rest of the fragrances that have held sway for however long... but it just doesn't seem to be turning out that way. But again, I've only been trying things other than mark birley for about 5 months now, but. . . and if you look at the pyramids of these designer frags, they often are really dense with elements. its like mixing every color together, you end up with little or no color in the end.

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    Default Re: tiptoe through sephora


    It sounds like you might like Dior Homme from your descriptions. It is not chaotic at all and many people attest to its beauty (it's not for me tho!). You can check it out at Nordstroms.

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    Default Re: tiptoe through sephora

    I have tried it. . . still kind of a designery frag to me, I do like bois d'argent though.

    From all I hear about it, I'm still wondering if M7 might be one I will like! they had no ysl at sephora.

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    Default Re: tiptoe through sephora

    While i like to do these walk-through spray ons every once in a while I am very very careful about the conclusions I draw from them. Even with a certain amount of experience, comparing five or six scents simultaneously is quite an olfactory challenge. You may be able to tell whether one or the other just completely turns you off top note wise, but the detail and evolution easily get lost. I find it most useful to try two similar scents left and right (as compared here by BNers, or going by the pyramid or same family). Like with wines, this is something I really learn from, because you have contrast while being still able to focus on each composition.

    I think there is far more difference in quality between various designer houses than among designer vs. niche. We've had these discussions. Sure there's "boss" kind of designer stuff and then there's Richard James. There are trad. houses like Caron which are not niche but not designer, which you cannot ignore nad there are very gimmicky and faddish niche houses who are selling distinction and exclusivity as if that defined quality. Personally, I far prefer Gucci Envy to numerous perfumes by Creed, Dyptique, MPG etc. pp.
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    Default Re: tiptoe through sephora

    I just also want to say, I am certainly not alone in not liking what's found in department stores and sephora and the like. Pals on MUA tell me their hubbies feel the same way and I've spoken to a number of people who also don't like "traditional" fragrances for men. This certainly doesn't mean we like anything niche. I can't abide anything of dyptique I've tried yet, for instance.

    Also, I fail to see a difference between dismissing an entire class of product for bearing the stamp of 'post AdG/Boss freshness' and dismissing most designer and traditional house fragrances, both pre and post Amen, for just being too much. While I don't like them myself, I can certainly understand how soooo many people today seem to prefer the 'fresh frags' to the whole lot of overbearing "legitimate" blends out there, new or old. I suspect a lot of people who fall into that category would be drawn to niche scents if they were more aware of them, which they aren't ever going to be shopping at macys, sephora, etc.

    Finally, a lot of people just purely and simply hate cologne. I used to be one of them. I think a lot of these folks experience sephora exactly as I do, but would be pleasantly surprised by something like l'artisan mure et musc, and many others, as I have been.
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