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Thread: Eureka!

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    Lightbulb Eureka!

    It was a cold day in Boise today, with snow still on the ground from a small passing storm that sprinkled an inch's worth yesterday. While the sun did shine brilliantly this morning, I decided to wear my latest acquisition this evening, to remind a former Floridian of what a warm sun in December feels like. I decided to wear Chergui.

    The moment arrived after a refreshing shower. I screwed off the cap and screwed on the spray attachment then following my usual routine, I sprayed on each inner wrist, and one to the chest. I'd now normally have sprayed a bit on the collar but I decided against it for Chergui, aware of its projective power.

    Soon after, I felt like I was enveloped by what I can only describe as light, a strangely warm glowing amber, like that thrown by a streetlight on a dark night. The rest of my preparation was interrupted every so often by a need to smell my wrist; a note would waft upwards as I put on my shirt and I'd stand transfixed.

    My wife stopped in to see what was taking so long and asked what I was wearing as she stepped forward to sniff my neck. This was followed by a long, slow shutting of the eyes, the pure pleasure of Chergui forcing the pre-eminence of the olfactory sense over all her others.

    After seeing this, I decided right there and then: "This is it. It's over. I'm done."

    Chergui is sunshine, bottled; it is a smile on the face of a beautiful woman, it is the laugh of a happy child, it is a 12-year-old The Macalan scotch, it is winning a game of chess, it is landing a Cessna 172 in a crosswind with hardly a squeak, it is my wife's eyes, closed in sensuous pleasure.

    It is my Holy Grail.
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    Your brief narrative was...brilliant! Relished every tender, anticipatory moment of it. The finish was superb.

    Worth the trip alone to savour this offering. Indeed, I have had the pleasure of trying Chergui once and will always recall what it evoked in me as well. But it will need revisting...

    Another beauty I clearly remember as an olfactory blow-out was Gris Clair. Something I am sure I will purchase when the opportunity arises. It was amazing.


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    Where can I get this magical scent?

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    That is a good story, ifconfig! I am in agreement with you about Chergui being absolutely great. And, it is also VERY long-lasting! I love the liquid sunshine note of hay in the beginning and the middle, and the far drydown of sandalwood is delicious, smooth, and perfect.

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    Default Re: Eureka!

    Enchanting story, and I'd have to agree that you Chergui is quite a suitable example for such an impression.

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    Default Re: Eureka!

    Great post. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for this one — makes me long to try to it!


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    Agreed, great post!

    But, I don't believe you. You're FAR from being done. Soon enough your grail will be revealed to be but a beautiful cup. You're just like the rest of us and have really gotten "the bug." You'll probably be like me and be convinced you've found "your scent" and then somebody will send you something or you'll smell someone in about six months and then you'll be off again.

    Nevertheless, it's fun to find a scent that really "connects" with you. And, living in Boise (I live in Kentucky), it is nice when it is a niche scent because you are almost guaranteed not to smell it on somebody else.

    I loved the beautiful descriptions in your post. I'd love to see your descriptions of some awful scent, like JOOP (quite possibly the nastiest scent ever). I'll give it a try... in the spirit of your post.

    Joop is a hangover, bottled; it is a smile on the face of a human of indeterminate sex, it is the cry of an angry yak, it is a six-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon, it's a winning game of Russian Roulete, it is landing a Cessna 172 in the lobby of a metropolitan building with several casualties, it is my family's eyes, closed and hoping that I'll take a shower.

    Well... yours are better, but it was still fun... Enjoy the Chergui, while it lasts.
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    Chergui, somtimes referred to as "the cloak of godliness". Bottled sunshine sounds nice too, but when those words are coming from me I mean Hermès - Eau des Merveilles. One of my holy grails together with Chergui.

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    Thanks, all. I felt "moved" to write up something, so to speak. Rach2, I have a feeling you're right! ;-) I also like your take on Joop! Heheh..
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