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    Default Starting my cologne collection.. first 3 are:

    Versace's The Dreamer
    Yves Saint Laurent, Pour Homme
    Nautica Competition

    All three have been purchased from Ross/T.J. Maxx at a pretty decent price... haha yes, I never owned any cologne before, but I have a good friend now that has like 20-25 who is an enthusiast so I figured I'd go out shopping with him and find some decent stuff.

    Now what kind of occasion do you think I should wear the first two for?

    I'm 21, senior in college...

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    Default Re: Starting my cologne collection.. first 3 are:

    Great to have a new fragrance junkie on board! I think your first 3 choices are pretty solid and should do well for a variety of situations. The Dreamer is a great going-out scent- you'll certainly stand out from all the Acqua di Gios and Abercrombie Fierce that usually fill the air in a college town. YSL PH is a pretty strong fragrance, and you may find it challenging to wear. I think It'd go great when you really need to make an impression, but please go easy on your trigger-finger! The Nautica is a pretty decent everyday scent for class work and the like, but I'm sure you had that figured out seeing as how you didn't really ask for advice on it

    It's always fun to have to take the time and decide what to wear. Don't be afraid to mix it up every once in a while- after all, your mood is the best judge on what you should wear. Enjoy!

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    Default Re: Starting my cologne collection.. first 3 are:

    I'd say you did a brave choice buying YSL pour homme. It's citrusy, but not light: a lot of people will probably think It's a dated smell: the so called "old man smell", and you'll have to deal with it.
    I, personally, like it very much and wear it on hot summer days (which are frequent here! LOL!), although I wish It had a better longevity.

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    Default Re: Starting my cologne collection.. first 3 are:

    Nice choices, The Dreamer is very good.

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    Default Re: Starting my cologne collection.. first 3 are:

    Tres bien, good choices all. Especially with The Dreamer.
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    Default Re: Starting my cologne collection.. first 3 are:

    Welcome! I'm not sure when you would use The Dreamer.

    YSL PH is a pretty easy to wear utilitarian fragrance. The top notes are strong but it dries down nicely. It dresses up and down quite well. The Haute Concentrate has more oomph in the drydown with the dirty herbal notes, but the original which I think you have (based on what I saw at TJ Maxx recently - red cap/box?) is tamer.

    Competition will work day-to-day casually, but not something I think I would wear on a date... it is pretty sporty stuff.

    If you ever get a chance, head to a Sephora to try a few frags to find out what you like. Usually at TJ Maxx there isn't much opportunity to try 'em.
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