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Thread: Use of Terms

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    Question Use of Terms

    I have always been a "scentaholic", but I just found this site. I am new to some of the terms. The main one is Decant. What does this mean.


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    A decant is an amount of perfume taken from one bottle and put into another. Say if I have a bottle of Trouble and you would like to try it I could decant it into a smaller vial or sample bottle and give you some. Usually a decant refers a bottle of about 5 - 10 mls. It's enough to use the scent for quite a while but you don't need to put out the big bucks for a full bottle. You can find a lot of decants on Ebay, and many people here will decant some of their stash and either gift you with it or sell it. This is my understanding of the term, but others may be better able to explain this term to you. I can assure you of one thing; if you are on this web site, I foresee many decants in your future.

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