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    Default Got my new AEDES how is ALAMUT?

    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anybody here ownes and/or has tried LORENZO VILLORESI "ALAMUT" EDT ? If so, how does it compare to the best of LV
    I.E. does "ALAMUT" have the "WOW FACTOR" ? Thanks.


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    Default Re: Got my new AEDES how is ALAMUT?

    I haven't tried it yet, but here is a review I found: http://perfumesmellinthings.blogspot...villoresi.html

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    Default Re: Got my new AEDES how is ALAMUT?

    Hi Shifts,

    Thank you for providing me with that review. Arrrrrrr...I am very disapointed the ALAMUT has been discribed as boring! Oooh well....


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    Default Re: Got my new AEDES how is ALAMUT?

    people seem to hate alamut, I need to try it again but I have heard a few people really rag on it. it's a bit strange. I remember once it seemed floral to me and another time animalistic. but I really need to try it again myself! it's a definitely one to sample first and LV definitely makes little box spray samples of it.

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    Post Re: Got my new AEDES how is ALAMUT?

    Like most Villoresis, Alamut is very deep scent with amazing evolution. Give it some time, it settles down to intoxicating, rich and surprisingly wearable floral and musky oriental. Like with Musk, Piper Nigrum, Sandalo and others, the first few minutes are a total mess. I honestly believe this is one of the reasons several people here dislikes Villoresi as a house; the first impression is kind of scary. When I first read the description of this scent, I was sure I couldn't pull it off. It sounds super feminine, sweet and cloying, but smells divine and surprisingly subtle.

    So, give it several chances and alot of time. You probably wont be dissapointed; not that many of you guys will end up buying and wearing it, I think you can still appreciate it as a piece of perfumery art.

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    Default Re: Got my new AEDES how is ALAMUT?

    I tried Alamut for the first time last summer and my first impression was positive: maybe not the most innovative of the scents, but still to my liking. It's indeed what I could describe as a chypre-oriental with floral hints. It has a typical Villoresi mat-powdery background given by iris and probably tonka bean, has a pleasant leathery touch like in many juices from the 30/40's but has a more floriental twist with prominent notes of jasmine, rose and carnation and a sweet drydown of vanilla, sandalwood and amber.
    Pleasant enough but not mesmerizing.

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    Default Re: Got my new AEDES how is ALAMUT?

    I just tried this one two days ago. I found it to be very wearable and pleasant, but something always seemed just a bit not quite right. This is often my experience with LV (the exception being the mindblowing Piper Nigrum). Of interest, my elder daughter whiffing it on me in the afternoon used the French term caca to describe it, noting that she could rub dog excrement on to achieve the same effect; while my younger daughter came up with "poivre caca" because of a pepperiness that she sensed. I myself was impressed mainly by the amber and rose components.

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