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Thread: Mitsouko ?

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    Question Mitsouko ?

    Hello, I am new here and in reading around, I have seen the name of this perfume numerous times and every one seems to love it.

    I have never heard of it. Could some please tell me a bit about the history of this frag and why it is so loved amongst the basenotes community?


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    Default Re: Mitsouko ?

    Ok, I just looked it up in the directory and see it is from 1919! Did Guerlain recently re-market or re-launch this frag? Or perhaps it just is a major point of reference around here. I had to find out more because I see it referred to quite a bit! At least amongst the frags I was browsing

    If anyone else has more stories/info about Mitsouko, please add them. I am intrigued.

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    No not relaunched. But there has been quite abit about the fact Guerlain where going to take the oakmoss out of Mitsouko.

    A word of warning try before you buy as Mitsouko can be very difficult to wear for many. If she works totally sublime if not oh dear.

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    Default Re: Mitsouko ?

    Mitsouko has accumulated a lot of legend around itself during its long life -- apparently it was named after the Japanese heroine of a wartime romance by Saint-Exupery, author of The Little Prince. The Duchess of Windsor is said to have layered Mitsouko with another Guerlain classic, L'Heure bleue.

    But as many of us seem to agree, the main thing is how it smells to your nose and on your skin! Inexpensive samples are widely available through BN and elsewhere, so have a go!

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    Cool Re: Mitsouko ?

    Mitsouko is put out by Guerlain. Guerlain is know for it's wonderful fragrances. It is a house that has been hard to beat if it even has, however, Mitsouko is very controversial. Some love it, some hate it. It does not work on me. This is a fragrance that should be sampled first. A decant is a good idea because it can be tried several days and Mitsouko changes by the hour. Try it and let your own "nose" be the judge.

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