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    Arrow Yves Rocher Cocoon

    I searched the forums and found this frag has been discussed a bit, but that no thread had been started in its honor.

    I recently bought two bottles when YR was having a 2-for-1 sale. I had smelled it first in a scent strip they'd included in a catalog.

    I have been wearing it regularly in the fall season, and I get lots of compliments on it. The top note of vanilla stays with it a while, but I like the amber/woody drydown. I suppose it's not too complex a frag, but for the price, I find it more resinous and mysterious than most in its price class. I have grown a bit tired of it, but perhaps I have been wearing it too much. I wear it to work or on dates or for weekends with my BF. I think it can cover many occasions, especially in cooler weather. It sticks to the clothing quite a bit, and lasts pretty long.

    I also find the packagine well done, a good match (oval/egg shaped, fits in palm of hand, has nice weight to hold) to the scent within.

    Anyone have any opinions or stories about Cocoon?

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    I actually got a bottle gratis since I've been an YR customer for a year or something like that. I really like it at bedtime, and when I wear it during the day, I get compliments, too. My only gripe is that it doesn't last long, but hey, for the price! The 2 YRs in my collection are Coccon and Voile d'Ambre. Cocoon is especially nice (as is Kenzo Flower) for when I'm at school with lots of little ones in reading groups and things like that. Think I'll put some on now!
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    This is my big "drugstore class" favorite. On me, it has a large patchouli presence, while still being a soft scent. The cocoa note is very subdued and muffles the sweetness of the vanilla (a gourman vanilla) nicely. I find that the scent does last when used with the lotion.

    I am also acclimating to this new Voile d'Ambre and have purchased the shower gel and lotion. The scent is essentially a sharpened opoponax with a nice mandarin layer on the top.

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    Default Re: Yves Rocher Cocoon

    I like this one a lot, got a freebie mini with my order and ended up buying a regular-sized bottle. Simple vanilla-cocoa-patchouli scent but very nicely done and great value for money!
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    Yes, thanks all! It's the patchouli that I was missing. That's the scent that lingers for me. I am usually not a fan of gourmands but this one doesn't smell too foody for me.

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    Default Re: Yves Rocher Cocoon

    I love it! I've used up an entire bottle! Thank you for this thread - it reminded me that I need to order another Cocoon. I also used a bottle of body lotion and I have the shower gel. I really enjoy this fragrance and its lasting power blows me away. It lasts for days on bedsheets and even lasts through a shower on my skin. I don't think it's "foody" least in comparison to my Vanille Noire du Mexique...It's the perfect "non-foody" chocolate scent to me. It's perfectly balanced, too, so I never get overpowered by just patchouli, etc.

    Too bad the bottle is so strange. I think it's kind of cute, and it's definitely easy to spray, but I hate that it doesn't stand up. It looks awful with my other bottles because it takes up too much room, and looks funny sprawled on its back.

    Thanks for posting this thread. Cocoon is wonderful.
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    My husband wears this and I can't get enough of it. Initially, I ordered a mini for myself to try, but on me it took on a really funny pineconey scent. He tried it out of curiosity and on him it's magical. In fact this is exactly what he’s been searching for high and low. He wanted to find a scent that on him would smell the same way that Prada smells on me. He found it! It's Yves Rocher Cocoon!!!
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    I keep the Cocoon bottle next to my bottle of Black Cashmere. That way they can both lay there and look weird next to one another.

    Any other bottles that don't stand up and look like turtles on their backs?
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