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    Lightbulb Any good light fragrance-free After Shave?

    Hi all,

    Can anyone give any tips as regards a light (not too thick-flowing) absolutely fragrance free after shave lotion / balm? I have earlier used Lumene Skin Tech (very nice, almost "watery" and quick-absorbed) but this has now been discontinued. Have tried Nivea but even though it is stated to be fragrance free, there is a distinct smell of something added.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Default Re: Any good light fragrance-free After Shave?

    well, many of the ingredients in ASB's are going to have a smell, even if those ingredientare not added as added fragrance. Eg, witch hazel is used in many, and it has a bit of aroma. If your concern is not wanting to interfere with your regular fragrance, i wouldn't worry about it as most fragrance from such products is very fleeting and low in sillage.

    also, you might try making your own ASB. its not rocket science
    at the simplest, mix some aloe vera gel with some witch hazel. it'll be very freeflowing, and soothing. if your skin is on the drier side, then add a bit of oil, such as jojoba, avocado, rosehip, or squalene.

    for my shaving regimen (its quite a ritual) i usea few products:

    first, i use a styptic pencil (alum) on any nicks or abrasions. then i use a bit of original Listerene over the entire shaving area. Following that, many splashes of cold water (as cold as possible) to close pores and further halt the flow of any blood. then I use a ASB, currently i'm using the Marigold ASB from Muehle-Pinsel. After that is absorbed, i use my normal moisturizer, which differs depending on if its AM or PM.

    yes, my skin looks great (and smooth, thanks to a silvertip badger brush, Trumper's Coconut shave cream, a '64 Gillette fatboy DE razor, and Japanese Feather blades).

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