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    Default Timbuktu vs. L'Air de Desert Marocain

    Now that winter has arrived (in Boston at least) I find myself drawn to the warm, smoky, spiciness of these two scents, but to be honest I'm having trouble making distinctions between the two. I have in mind to purchase one, but am struggling. Any thoughts?


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    Default Re: Timbuktu vs. L'Air de Desert Marocain

    I have and love both. Two of my best(and lucky) blind buys. If I could only have one, it would be L'Air.

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    Default Re: Timbuktu vs. L'Air de Desert Marocain

    They're very different. Timbuktu is sharp, earthy, gutsy and never really mellows out staying a dry, radically unusual scent, whereas although l'Air's top notes may sock it to you (in a very different way to Timbuktu) it softens down quite remarkably to a sexy amber.

    I like both, and have been complimented on both. The more wearable however is l'Air by a long long way.

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    Default Re: Timbuktu vs. L'Air de Desert Marocain

    The comments are so far is interesting because I do think the answer lies in the topnotes (and possibly middle notes); I have found the drydown for both to be similar.

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    Default Re: Timbuktu vs. L'Air de Desert Marocain

    I find Timbuktu to be very sharp and dry -- the visuals I get with this one are splintered wood from an old spice chest that's been left out in the sun. I do enjoy Timbuktu and the mental imagery I get with it but it's not currently on my list of full bottle purchases.

    I'm wearing L'Air Desert Marocain today. I find L'Air to be more sweet and versatile in terms of wearability. I agree it has an amber quality and on me an almost perfumed soap quality in the drydown which I like. I struggle with the opening with L'Air though. It has a body oder quality on me that eventually disappears. The first time I wore it, I thought I had forgotten to put on deodorant.

    Go figure -- BO to soap all in the evolution of one fragrance.
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    Default Re: Timbuktu vs. L'Air de Desert Marocain

    I have a sample of Timbuktu and compared it with my sample of on each arm.There is slight similarity between the two, but I think Timbuktu is greener, not very sweet and more "humid" than LDDM. L'air is very dry and yet sweeter, with a strong, sorta medicinal note in the opening.

    Of the two, I love L'air. I was going to buy Lonestar Memories as my big niche frag purchase of the year, but I chose to get L'air du Desert Marocain. Somehow, it's more wearable and I've been eye-ing it since I discovered it sometime ago. It should arrive this week.

    L'air is like no other and it's fairly obtainable. It may replace my beloved, but somehow, more elusive Opium pour Homme edp, which is my favorite.


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    Default Re: Timbuktu vs. L'Air de Desert Marocain

    I love Timbuktu, but I feel ambivalent about it being a winter scent. Maybe it is because the vetiver has a bracing quality that I don't associate with a winter scent. In contrast, L'Air du Desert Marocain seems like it fits well as a winter scent.

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