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    Thumbs down Strange Invisible

    I received 2 samples of Strange Invisible rose scents. I can't say I'm terribly impressed.

    Black Rosette - very medicinal and "health food store" smelling. A bit of rose comes through, but mostly smells like mint/wintergreen at first, and then plainly cedar on the drydown. Interesting, but not something I would purchased.

    Agape - yikes, although I admire the use of organic, unfiltered ingredients, I don't know why anyone would want to smell like this. The only way I can describe it is chocolate mixed with barn. I think this may be the first perfume I've actually washed off. I has a distinct fecal/horse-like aroma that is very...strange....congruent with the company's name, which I guess is their niche market?

    Lovely packaging though.

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    Default Re: Strange Invisible

    I really liked several of these, but I can't remember which ones. Sadly their website is worse than useless and I haven't had a chance to go to their store and figure out which ones they were.

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    Default Re: Strange Invisible

    I've also been curious about them. And yes, their website is amazingly bad!

    Maybe I can make a trip there this weekend since I need to find something for my girlfriend.

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    Default Re: Strange Invisible

    I've tried a few of their scents. I think they're really unique -- I haven't smelled a lot like the SI scents I sampled. That said, they're incredibly expensive.

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    Default Re: Strange Invisible

    Did you write them for samples or receive them in the store?

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    Red face Re: Strange Invisible

    Quote Originally Posted by mochi227
    Did you write them for samples or receive them in the store?
    They will mail you samples ($7 each, I think) which are enough for several light wearings. I've tried most of the ones that seemed to be on the masculine side, and I like Aramaic and Etrange the best. One day at work I was wearing Aramaic, and a group of girls were sitting around chatting and one of them said "somebody sure smells good" as I walked by. Lest anyone be deceived I am NOT, by any means, considered to be a ladies man, so it surprised and delighted me. I like their stuff, but unfortunately it's way too expensive.

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