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    Question Azarro Vetiver and Tommy Bahama

    those are the two I chose for the two teens I wanted to buy fragrance! I know they weren't actually ones recommended by you guys but here's how the sniff a thon went down

    We sniffed everything in ULTA....whose frag prices were just totally outrageous, and then went to TJ Maxx to see what we could find a good deal on.

    One of the guys is 14 and one is turning 18. My daughter thought Tommy Bahama was appealing because it was sweet enough yet still spicy and smelled NOTHING like what the other kids wear. I liked the idea of the Vetiver for an 18 year old because it was fresh grass/rain/clean versatile. The other factor of course was price. I just had to keep it reasonable.

    Anyway, the Tommy Bahama gift set was $34 and the Vetiver was $17......reasonable in my mind for reasonably nice scents.

    I took my list of recommendations from you guys and tried very hard to distinguish scents before making a purchase. How did I do?

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    Question Re: Azarro Vetiver and Tommy Bahama

    Come on guys, help me out!! Do I need to do a return ASAP?

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    Default Re: Azarro Vetiver and Tommy Bahama

    I have only tested Azzaro Vetiver and it's kinda unisex to me. I think it can go well with young people, both 14 & 18. But I don't think it lasts long enough. For Tommy Bahama I have no idea about it, but I don't think a person at the age mentioned should go for something sweet and spicy. When I was 18 I wouldn't want to wear a scent like that. I prefer something sporty, energetic and cool, such as Hugo Energise, Hugo, Cool Water, or Chrome for example. However, this is just my opinion.
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    Default Re: Azarro Vetiver and Tommy Bahama

    Thanks for your insight. I really wanted to get the Vetiver for both kids but one is my daughter's "boyfriend" and she wanted something she liked LOL. (Tommy Bahama) really should sniff it!! It's very nice. Again, price is a determining factor here too.

    Look forward to more responses, please

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    Default Re: Azarro Vetiver and Tommy Bahama

    I think the Azzaro Vetiver is a good choice because it is fresh and energetic, but won't smell like what everyone else is wearing! Wait a second...doesn't every kid at that age WANT to be like everyone else?!

    Anyway, it lasts along time on me and has only moderate projection, so he won't intrude too much on classmates and such.

    Many here don't like Azzaro Vetiver because the vetiver is quite subdued, but it's still a very nice fragrence.

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    Default Re: Azarro Vetiver and Tommy Bahama

    That's exactly why I liked the azarro vetiver, it's subdued. I thought it would be a nice introduction to the classic scent without overpowering him.

    Again, the very nice. I'd rather have given both the vetiver. OH well

    It's my mission to spread the word about fragrance and keep these kids from filling the halls of high schools and colleges with Axe etc. They should dare to be different

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    Default Re: Azarro Vetiver and Tommy Bahama

    I recently bought a bottle of Lanvin Vetyver at TJMaxx that you might also want to check out. It has the same subdued vetiver, but is a little more complex than Azzaro's and projects better.

    Just like the Azzaro, it's not a great vetiver cologne, but as a fresh, clean energetic cologne, it's quite good.

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    Default Re: Azarro Vetiver and Tommy Bahama

    Oh DARN it, now I have to go back for another smellathon Don't you just hate it. hehe

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