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    Smile New and looking for more *(long Post)*

    Hi, I basically started about 3 months go really wearing cologne, I usally just used aftershave, I never was real big on smelling cologne all my life, then a guy at work told me that he got some cologne for his birthday, and he didn't like it and wanted to know if I wanted it, he had asked 4 other people before me, and they all said no. So, I smelled it and said, "Yes I will" , I liked it, it was Angel Men, I thought wow, this is nice, so I started wearing it and really got alot of attention from women mainly, who most all just love it, so I decided to look around and see what else I could find, I started looking on the net and found this site, and read alot of reviews and decided I wanted to try Lemale, I ordered it, and got it and tried it, and it blew me away, like the Angel men did, almost the same reaction from womem as the Angel men had also, so I went to a mall thats not to far away and started looking and found a bottle of New York by Kenneth Cole on clearance and tried that, and I really love it also, but I was told it was discontinued, I also tried another one called cigar that smelled nice, I am not a smoker, but it sort of had a nice soft leathery sweet cigar smell, it was the only two I liked out of all the differnet stuff that the stores had around me which was either real cheap or had a medicine smell to them or both.

    I live in the midwest (Missouri) and there don't seem to be alot of good places I have found yet to get cologne, but I am still looking. and I havent came around anyone that seems to wear these colognes, so its nice to be a little different then tyhe typical smells that seem the same around here.

    So, I did some looking on the forums here for recomendations, and I went back to the site where I bought the Lemale before and ordered the following 2 new items and Anel men and Lemale, I hope I like them as much as the others i have now, after reading reviews here and from what I read they are what I am looking for, I guess its gourmond? I am still learning all the terms

    Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin
    Pi de Givenchy

    What else is along this? like that is not over priced, I an handle paying $60-70 but not much more.

    I really like the candy smells of Amen and the mint in Lamale, I also like vanilla so thats why i got the other 2 as I read in the reviews that they have them in it.

    I got a few samples from the place I ordered from before, like Black jeans and Grean Jeans, they all smell too much like alcohol to me I really don't like a big green smell but I like a fresh smell also like New York.

    Any insite on learning about colone is appreciated, I never was a big fragerance person but now all of the sudden, I have gone crazy!! Will this ever end, I now stop and try all of them I see whereever I am, I am starting to get the feeling the people are staring at me like I am gay or somthing, lol trying all of these colognes.

    Sorry for the long post, thanks

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    Default Re: New and looking for more *(long Post)*

    Lolita & Pi are two of my favorites!!! Do try Bvlgari Black (smokey, rubbery vanilla), Burberry Brit (creamy & a little powdery), and even Gaultier2 (ambery, musky vanilla) may suit your needs as well.

    Welcome to the board, and good luck w/ your search!
    " David Bowie really God?" - Penelope Garcia

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    Default Re: New and looking for more *(long Post)*

    Two more in a similar vein that you might try:

    Rochas Man
    L'instant Guerlain Pour Homme

    Also, you should check out if you're already ordering online, as they have some great deals just waiting to be had.

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    Default Re: New and looking for more *(long Post)*

    Welcome to the board and beware you will become addicted and spend a lot of money in the process but you'll also smell very good.
    I don't really like sweet gourmands but if you do here are some more to try

    Rochas Man
    Body Kouros
    Hanae Mori Pour Homme (listed as H.M. in the Basenotes directory)

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    Default Re: New and looking for more *(long Post)*


    do yourself a huge favor..and give Lanvin's Arpege for men a try... Mmmmm.........


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    Default Re: New and looking for more *(long Post)*

    Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge always gets me lots of compliments. It's a very sexy fragrance and it's quite inexpensive too. No problem of longevity on me.

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    Default Re: New and looking for more *(long Post)*

    Michael Kors for men for that sexy, tobacco scent. Beautiful stuff.

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    Default Re: New and looking for more *(long Post)*

    YSL M7 is another one you should give a try!
    Try these ones too:
    - S.T. Dupont Signature
    - Gucci Envy
    - CK Obsession

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    Arrow Re: New and looking for more *(long Post)*

    Quote Originally Posted by Eluard
    Michael Kors for men for that sexy, tobacco scent. Beautiful stuff.
    I second this notion: Michael by Michael Kors for Men

    Here a similar one which is very nice as well: John Varvatos

    Here's one that's sweet but has an interesting smell. They say it's been discontinued, but you can still find it. How's this for affordable: $14.98 for a large size on (get a tester for $13.49!):

    Claiborne for Men

    Welcome to Basenotes! Great to have you with us.


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    Default Re: New and looking for more *(long Post)*

    I bought gucci envy deoderant and its ok as that, but its a little to "green" for me, so if the cologne is anything like that or stronger then I don't think its for me.

    I have read alot of the reviews here on joop homme, is it really as strong as stated! it sounds like it might not be to bad though, I am thinking of getting a bunch of samples of the stuff suggested here and trying them all. I would rather pay $1-2 to try a sample of them all rather then paying $60 for one and be disapointed.

    Much appreciated

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    Default Re: New and looking for more *(long Post)*

    Joop! is strong and long-lasting. With something like this (or Envy for that matter), you always have the option of just using a little. Strong fragrances oftentimes drydown beautifully, and become quite subtle as the hours pass.

    Yes, obtaining samples, testing the fragrances at counters, and buying miniatures of stuff you think you might like but are unsure of, is a wise way to "get your feet wet."

    Have fun!

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    Default Re: New and looking for more *(long Post)*

    I agree with Lanvin Arpege: one of the best of this 'family'.

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    Default Re: New and looking for more *(long Post)*

    If you like sweet, vanilla like colognes, try Gaultier2. It's a new release.
    And damn, use periods every once in a while. Your entire first paragraph was one MASSIVE run-on sentence.

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    Default Re: New and looking for more *(long Post)*

    1. Boss Bottled
    2. L'Instant by Guerlain
    3. Allure by Chanel
    4. Egoiste by Chanel
    Current Top 5

    1. Creed Aventus
    2. A*Men Pure Malt
    3. L'instant Extreme
    4. Nasomatto Duro
    5. CDG - Kyoto
    Currently wearing: Desire Silver by Dunhill

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