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    Default Vicky Tiel Perfumes

    Who's tried these? I've seen them on her web-site and I think the bottles look exquisite (the descriptions sound good too). Does anyone know if they're available in the UK?

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    Default Re: Vicky Tiel Perfumes

    Tried all of them and Venus de l'Amour is in my collection. It is packaged in a beautiful bottle, I agree. The fragrance itself is a heady floral with floriental theme going on: power white and yellow flowers on an ambery-woody-musky base, along the lines of Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds and Bijan (the original), a little too busy to be my favorite and a little too floral to be compared to Bal a Versailles. Not smooth, full of sharp angles and, therefore, different!

    I can make fresh sample vials to everybody interested in trying this, I got 80 of 100ml EdP, please PM me.
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    Default Re: Vicky Tiel Perfumes

    I don't know if they are available in Uk shops, but they certainly are for sale there online. Just PM'd you the link
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    Default Re: Vicky Tiel Perfumes

    Quote Originally Posted by Lalage
    Who's tried these? I've seen them on her web-site and I think the bottles look exquisite (the descriptions sound good too). Does anyone know if they're available in the UK?
    since I tried "Vicky Tiel (original) when it first came out early 90's I've been completely and utterly hooked. It's sort of very hard to explain, but it not really perfume like, more like very sexy pheromones, and you get men (and women) looking pussled / sniffing, unable to suss out what's going on.

    In fact, I'm so mad about it, I've dropped nearly all other scents, apart from Angel. Estée super and Jicky.

    and the bottle ... phew .. sooooo beautiful.

    Got all her other scents too, but they were dissappointing

    UK - well, I used to get it at Harrods, but they stopped having it, so have since bought them online

    first at, till it was discontinued (who knows, perhaps for the reason i mentioned, once you are hooked, no other scents will do - and that would of course not boost sales of all the other ones) - and for some years now I've got it from


    As addictive as any sin of pleasure.

    A sensuous green floral with deep and resonant amber animal base notes

    An almost-primal blend that insinuates itself into your soul...and his. Created to mirror the dephs of time and passion.

    Ancient animal base notes mingle with the richness of amber. A warm and primal counterpoint to its opening... a welcoming flourish of green and floral.

    Like so many sinful pleasures throughout time, what starts in innocence, ends as sensuous.

    Tinted a mystic green, its color hints at all the unseen pleasures that awaits.

    Originale is an opulent bouquet of Jasmin, Narcisse, Orange Flower, Hyacinth and Tuberose Pomade set on a background of Heliotrope, Vanilla and Musk with fresh top notes of Reseda, Lemon peels and Mandarin.
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    Default Re: Vicky Tiel Perfumes

    I've tried Sirene, and was bowled over (keeled over?) by the pink dazzle of it. It was an explosion of floral confetti, all colored with this electric shine. Scented my office for days after I spilled a drop on a piece of paper, and yet it dared you not to be attracted to its neon quality.

    I kept returning to it, but it was simply too bright for me, almost hysterical (I prefer far quieter scents so this is a personal experience), yet I could see where it would have its admirers.

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    Default Re: Vicky Tiel Perfumes

    as mentioned, I don't like her other fragrances much:

    Sirene: give me 'headache'
    Venus: too weak
    and I would never buy any of them again

    Ethere, on the other hand, is a nice and clean, and fresh, sort of scent, perfect for summer - but, still not one I would buy again.

    As far as Vicky Tiel Originale is concerned ... well, utterly and completely addicted - on the rare occassions where I ran out, and was waiting for a new 'supply', I regularly 'sniffed' the empty bottle.

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