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    Default VIVABOXES - Perfume for him

    I bought this awesome box with 10 test samples.

    Fragrances in it:

    * Paco Rabanne - Black XS
    * Lanvin - Arpège Pour Homme
    * Burberry - Brit For Men
    * Lolita Lempicka - Eau Masculin *
    * Kenzo - KenzoPourHomme *
    * Azzaro - Chrome *
    * Ralph Lauren - Polo Black
    * Giorgio Armani - Acqua di Giò *
    * DKNY - Red Delicious Men *
    * Calvin Klein - Euphoria Men

    Now I need to chose 1 fragrance.
    I already tried 5 of them (the ones with a star[*] ) and from those 5, I like DKNY Red Delicious Men and Acqua di Giò the most. I also had a 50ml bottle of Armani Mania before this box. Maybe this tells something about me?

    Now my question is: which fragrance would you chose?
    And maybe someone could help me what to chose considering what I like?


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    Default Re: VIVABOXES - Perfume for him

    Don't overlook the Arpege - it starts a little sweet almost like Armani Code, but settle down to softer woods. And it can be had for cheap at TJ's !!

    *edit* sorry there probably is no TJMaxx in Belgium!

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    Default Re: VIVABOXES - Perfume for him

    Make it Arpège Pour Homme first, no doubt. Kenzo's my second choice.
    Would recommend the Lempicka were it not for the fact that the anise in it almost knocks me over.

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