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    Question Deleting and searching threads, and thread expiration

    If I start a thread that is unwelcome in a specific forum, can I delete it myself, or is that the mod's job? I have been editing my original post, and adding, "Mod please delete thread", to the title line. Is this accepted practice?

    If I am interested in, say, comparing two fragrances, should I search all existing threads to see if it has been done before? I wanted an opinion of Kouros vs. Kouros Sport, so I searched for Kouros and got about 500 threads. Is there a better way to do this (other than starting a new thread)?

    Do threads expire after a certain number of days with no replies? Is there a way that I can set an expiration on a thread if there are no replies within a certain number of days? This would help to cut down on the total number of active threads.

    I would like to be a responsible and respectful poster (and cut down on uneccessary spankings)

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    Default Re: Deleting and searching threads, and thread expiration

    2) I usually click on the forum search, then click "Advance Search", then enter my search keywork, then select "Search Titles Only" from the dropdown menu, then finally click "search now."

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    Default Re: Deleting and searching threads, and thread expiration

    1. You can delete your own thread if no one has responded to it. I don't believe you can delete your own post to someone else's thread though, even if there are no posts after yours. I just tried this myself on one of my own and the edit page did not give me a delete option.

    I've seen "Mod please delete" before and the post seems to disappear. I've never seen or heard of any disciplinary action taken for "Mod please delete this thread." However, you could simply PM (private message) a moderator and ask him/her to move or remove the thread if you feel it is necessary. Usually, if a thread clearly does not belong in its current forum, a moderator will move the thread without your having to ask.

    2. Do search the forums as best you can for the information you seek, prior to creating your own thread. You may find what you are looking for or you may find a post to which you can add your question and bring it back to front-and-center. If not, by all means start your own.

    I have not experimented to see how robust the search tool is but I know you can do at least simple boolean searches (using the words "and" and "or" between key words). "kouros and sport" (without the quotes) turned up several threads for me but not a comparison thread as you were looking for. Using "Kouros" and "sport" in separate searches each turned up MANY threads.

    3. Threads apparently do not expire. You can look back through the forum histories and see many old threads with zero responses. There is at least one good reason I can think of for this. You gain rank with the number of posts you make. You also need a certain number of posts or time as a member in order to create a thread in the swap/sale boards. Now, the mods will most likely catch you if you try to create tons of trivial threads/posts just to reach the swap/sale goal, but I'm sure you wouldn't want one of your legitimate posts to be removed, and thereby your post-count reduced, simply because nobody responded. Someone may still respond to it 6 months down the road.

    All my above answers are from my memory of the rules of the board and my experience here. I am by no means "the authority." Hopefully someone will correct me if I have mispoken on any points.

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