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    Default I've found my new love.

    it's B*Men.
    oh my goodness.
    i applied it around 4am. yeah, i stay up pretty late. it's 4:43 now. it's splendid. worlds better than a*men. and I think a*men is pretty good. this is what ive been looking for all along but never knew it. it's fiery, and yet smooth, and blends SO divinely. sophistication, class, and yet it still retains sex appeal. this is wonderful. i have to purchase this asap. everyone's thoughts on bmen? this thread may well get deleted. im not completely raetional right now. i just HAVE to say this. i cant sleep right now cause i keep smelling my wrist. it's too good.

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    Smile Re: I've found my new love.

    Well, to be honest, I find it rather ok, but nothing sensational. But my female colleague was absolutely delighted. She kept smelling me saying "wow, this is sensational, sexy, phenomenal" and that sort of stuff. Maybe you and her would make nice couple

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    Default Re: I've found my new love.

    Too bad it's discontinued, time for you to stock up!
    - Rich

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