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    Default Giving Frags as Chrsitmas-presents...?

    Are you giving any fragances for Christmas this year?

    Are you willing to tell what scent and to who?

    I am so curious about how you think when you choose fragances for other persons...

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    Default Re: Giving Frags as Chrsitmas-presents...?

    I love giving frags for Christmas. I have done it for the last 4 years or so, someone usually gets something. Actually, it was looking for a scent to buy my BF this year that I joined basenotes

    My mom is getting Clinique's Aromatics Elixir (she's a long-time fan)
    My BF is getting YSL M7 with some minis I got at Scented Monkey including Calvin Klein Contradiction for Men and John Varvatos.
    I was thinking of getting my boss EL Pleasures, maybe one of the limited edition lines, because she smells like lily a lot.
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    Default Re: Giving Frags as Chrsitmas-presents...?

    I only do this if recipient has shown a strong interest in the scent. I also include samples/decants of other things so he or she can try something new.

    A friend overseas has requested Boucheron Pour Homme EDP and AG Sables, and another wants Sage Pearl and Tiempe Passate. Both of these are perfume fans.

    I wouldn't just randomly select something. I'd only be so daring as to buy ancillaries as surprises (hence Eau des Merveilles shower gel).

    Unsurprisingly, I get the greatest reward giving fragrance as a gift. Better than flubbing one's way through Santa sweaters and jingle bell earrings.

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    Default Re: Giving Frags as Chrsitmas-presents...?

    I am planning to get Bvlgari Black for a special friend who bought a bottle of Chergui for me. I gave him a bottle of Marc Jacobs men's last year and he really enjoyed it. I hope that he would try something out of the box, and therefore I decided to give him Bvlgari.

    I will also give a collection of my decants to a dear friend who often wear whatever she can find from my cosmetic pouch. I think it would be so nice if I can find some funky vials and give the scents to her in a candy tin. It would be a nice surprise.

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    Default Re: Giving Frags as Chrsitmas-presents...?

    I always get my sons something new for Christmas every year, I just haven't decided what fragrance it will be yet. And my husband is wanting something, too, so I will pick something up for him.
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    Default Re: Giving Frags as Chrsitmas-presents...?

    Thank you so much for your answers! They are really a great help!

    It is very personal to give a frag, I believe. To give a wanted wellknown frag is the easiest, and that is what I will give my husband. He has a little wardrobe of 7 bottles, mostly because of me, I guess, and he has run out of his favourite. So I am getting him this piece again. Itīs not my favourite... But I am really glad for his little wardrobe, and want him to have his n:r 1: Jaguar(new) by Jaguar (2001)

    But I am also giving frags to two young females, not close related to me, and then it is much more difficult. They donīt like the same frags as I do, so I think I will have to choose something that appeals to their age. I canīt spend too much money on the gifts, it would embarras them, as we are not close. Right now I am looking for two "young", really price-worthy and really nice frags. I hope it is possible to find them!
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    Default Re: Giving Frags as Chrsitmas-presents...?

    I'm giving my mom 3 bottles of Givenchy Organza Indecence. It's her favorite & it's becoming really hard to find. She's also getting some Hugo Deep Red lotion & shower gel. She loves Deep Red as a daily scent.

    Dad's getting a bottle of Burberry Brit. He commented once about how much he liked that on me .

    My aunt is getting a bottle of White Musk oil from The Body Shop. I think she'll love it.

    (And *I'm* getting more Gaultier2, a back-up bottle of Bvlgari Black, & a back-up bottle of Gendarme)
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    Smile Re: Giving Frags as Chrsitmas-presents...?

    I only give someone a fragrance if I know what they like because I have gotten some that, well, you know, forget it.

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    Default Re: Giving Frags as Chrsitmas-presents...?

    Made a sniffing-safari yesterday, and sniffed through some really price-worthy frags. I discussed with the selling-staff, too, and they helped me a lot. They sell a lot of these price-worthy frags... I came up with two perfumes I almost not dare to mention here on the board. But I do it anyhow, cause I find them both indeed very nice. - There are some pearls among the really price-worthy stuff, too.

    And now, hold on, guys:

    Intimatley Beckham for Her by Beckham. Really beautiful, and longlasting too. An unusual succesful low-price fagance.

    Paradise Passion by Naomi Cambel. A little mysterious frag, longlasting and beautiful.

    If the recievers know they donīt like this stuff, they can return the bottles and get someting else after christmas...

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    Default Re: Giving Frags as Chrsitmas-presents...?

    For the last few years I have been giving my BF's Mom an angel themed token.
    This year I decided to send her some scented body lotion and chose Victoria Secret;s Angel line: Heavenly. Peony and other white flowers, I think. It is a nice soft fragrance and I feel better about trying a lotion first to see if she likes it.
    I used to wear Halo, which is more musky in my opinion and more of a make out fragrance. Heavenly seems more lady like. I hope she likes it.
    That and some Godiva chocolate.
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    Default Re: Giving Frags as Chrsitmas-presents...?

    Unless I know that the recipient of the present really wears or like it, I don't do it. I've given my mom several fragrances that I thought she would like, but I know that she does not wear them. I gave my sister a bottle of Frederic Malle's Angelique Sous La Pluie as a present, but I don't remember smelling it on her. It's a tough call. I know I don't like getting fragrances that I would never wear.
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    Default Re: Giving Frags as Chrsitmas-presents...?

    I love gifting perfume for any special occasion including b-days and Christmas.

    This year my mother in law will be receiving a bottle of Amarige from me.

    I bought a bottle of Cabotine for my sister in law last Christmas; she loves it!

    My husband always gets bottles and bottles of fragrances form me… I’ll use any excuse to buy for him

    My sister received a bottle of Nanette Lepore for my wedding day – a gift from me. This Christmas she’ll more then likely receive a bottle of Lolita Lempicka or L’Instant de Guerlain.

    My mother is getting a bottle of either Dior Addict or Omnia .

    My best friend will be getting a hard to find bottle of Missoni .
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    Default Re: Giving Frags as Chrsitmas-presents...?

    Fragrance is hard unless you know a lot about the person's preferences, and sometimes even then. A recent thread here had a great suggestion -- handpicking a group of samples with an IOU for a full bottle of the recipient's choice, along with a nice notebook for taking notes on each.

    I noticed that Sephora is now offering a fragrance gift certificate good for a bottle of perfume, packaged with a dozen or so samples to chose from (no notebook though).

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    Default Re: Giving Frags as Chrsitmas-presents...?

    My hair stylist complimented me last year and we got to discussing fragrances. She'd worn Love's Rain scent as a signature when she met her husband. She asked me what smelled like it these days. I found her some on Ebay and she actually had tears in her eyes when I gave it to her.

    My mom has a daylily farm, and I once joked I'd trade her frags for daylilies. Last visit she gave me one, and reminded me of my comment. I call that fishing. Plus, she called me to talk about the four body lotions she got at BBW and which ones she liked, and the one she didn't. I call that fishing, bigtime. She has never worn any fragrance at all, because my father hated them. He had a stroke and lost his sense of taste (!) so at 72, she is pushing the envelope. I am delghted, and I am making little 2ml micro atomizers of all my favorite frags, avoiding anything too tropical (the disliked lotion.)

    I wish I had better labels. I have a new printer I will experiment with. I also think I will fix each sample to a card with the house name, fragrance family, and notes.
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    Default Re: Giving Frags as Chrsitmas-presents...?

    Shycat, that is so dang considerate of you! What a special gift.

    I love giving fragrance as gifts, but only if I know that the recipient adores the fragrance. My signature gift to my twin sister is to get her this biggest freakin' Angel hatbox for Christmas every year. She is always blown away and it makes me so happy to hear how excited she is.

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