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    I am new to this site, so please excuse the lack of experience in the field. I am trying to find someone who can recreate a perfume for me that i have been wearing for many years, and i am on my last bottle. It's called Grain de Sable, and was made by the firm of Nicky Verfaillie in Paris. It was part of a threesome which included Grain de Sable, Grain de Folie, and Grain d'Amour. Have I tried other perfumes? Yes, of course I have. I have found NOTHING that lasts as long on my skin or smells so completely captivating on me. Is there anyone out there who can help me? sparky401

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    Hello sparky401 and welcome!! I hope you will find Basenotes as great as I do.
    I found a bottle of this scent on the French site of eBay. They ship worldwide. Just PM'd you the link.
    Good luck and enjoy your stay here
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    old thread but i have found minis of all three and luckily a used large bottle of grain de sable as well...As Luca Turin points out, it does have a melon note and am glad to have it in my collection..finding large bottle of grain de sable is almost like winning a lottery now..the one i found seems to be a tester so its not the same beautiful commercial bottle that was sold in the has a plastic cap and a built in spray mechanism looks pretty ugly but bottom part is well made sculptured glass ..btw, Riannon did you get mini or full bottle?

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