In addition to the thread I set up yesterday, I am very surprised today learning that in China (Hong Kong), there is a huge company producing the knock-off products, even Burberry London is now made. And they distribute the products to America, Europe and many other countries. They said the boxes, scents, serial numbers and everything look exactly like the real products. And the juice quality is A++++++++. They even make gift sets. And oh, not just 100-ml sized bottled they produce, 30 or 40 ml they also do. People mostly think that there are no small sizes imitations, but there are! Bottles like 212 men, KenzoAir are included. I just think that these bottles are hard to copy. Also, as I stated yesterday, they produce loads of bottles like 200,000/month for some scents.

Do you think that one can copy the scents and make it so similar or even the same? If one invests in imitating the packaging so real, what about the scent? In case that they export it to USA, and some web sites there offer such a splendid price, are you certain that what you have bought are not from China?