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    Question Thoughts/reviews for "Art of Shaving" products

    The Art of Shaving full size kit is on my Christmas list this year. I have trouble with the occasional bump/ingrown hairs, and have been using the various 3- and 4-blade vibrating razors with little success.

    I have been using Nivea shave gel and ASB. Can I expect a big improvement by going with the Art of Shaving line?
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    Default Re: Thoughts/reviews for "Art of Shaving" products

    As was recommended to me when I had a shaving question, try these guys

    They are in love with shaving and know tons!
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    Thanks Mochi227. I checked out the site and Art of Shaving is held in high regard, as is Trumper's. I got the kit earlier than I thought (birthday gift yesterday!). I love the shaving oil - it's thick and smells great - but I didn't think it made much of a difference in smoothness.

    The shave cream was excellent! Just a dollop and a badger brush and I was able to do face, neck, AND head. I'm definitely sold on their shave cream.
    This is a big improvement over Nivea gel!

    The balm, ehhh, I've been using Nivea sensitive skin and I think it's a keeper for the price...
    “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”

    ~ Robert Brault

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    Default Re: Thoughts/reviews for "Art of Shaving" products

    I really like The Art of Shaving products and am giving the lavender set to a friend for Christmas. I use the unsented hypo-allegenic version myself, although I think I could do the lavender as well. I have used their skin care products as well, all with fine results. Some may quibble about the prices, however....

    While AOS is expensive enough, I have recently sent for similarly named products from a new purveyor: The Gentleman's Refinery, set up by a former Trufitt & Hill barber in Las Vegas. I believe the gentleman's name is Perry Gastis, but not sure at the moment. Anyway, his products have been very highly reviewed as well, and as someone who has come to actually enjoy the shaving experience thanks to AOS, I thought I would just take a look and see what else is around.

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    Default Re: Thoughts/reviews for "Art of Shaving" products

    I use the AoS lavender pre-shave oil and like it about the same as I liked the Zirh oil, although the Zirh is thinner and slipperier.

    Like Scentsibility, I've really had no reason to venture out past the Nivea sensitive balm. I don't know if it gets any better than this, but I'm sure it doesn't get any better for the price.
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    Default Re: Thoughts/reviews for "Art of Shaving" products

    this stuff is overrated...try brave soldier

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