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    Default Re: what do you think of women wearing men's fragrance?

    I wear whatever fragrances appeal to my own nose. Sure, there are certain scents I wouldn't wear in the close quarters of my work environment; but as far as what sex a particular sent is marketed to -- I could care less.
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    Default Re: what do you think of women wearing men's fragrance?

    I don't think that asking the question to fragrance buffs here at Basenotes is helpful. Wearing the opposite sex's fragrances are very acceptable here as part of the fragrance hobby, but I seriously doubt if these views are shared by the general public from which you would be dating. I never asked about women wearing men's fragrances, but everyone from the general public that I told about male Basenoters wearing women's fragrances thinks that the guys who do so are gay.

    This wouldn't stop me from dating a lady. However, when I pass a woman on the street that's wearing a man's fragrance that I can recognize, I am turned off especially if it's one that I own!

    I think that my views are well known here that I would never wear a woman's fragrance since it may be recognized by others who would wonder why I am wearing a woman's fragrance.

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    Default Re: what do you think of women wearing men's fragrance?

    Well, Mike, to each his own, I guess.
    De gustibus non est disputandum
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    Default Re: what do you think of women wearing men's fragrance?

    Honestly alot of men's fragrances today would have been called women's fragrances a few years ago.

    Givency Pi is nice on a man, but it's better on women. 212 Men is much better on women. M7 smells great on a woman, and M7 Fresh is probably better suited to women than men, though I do love it. There's tons and tons of others too.
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    Default Re: what do you think of women wearing men's fragrance?

    Quote Originally Posted by fredricktoo
    Why Photoshop jockey? Show me one advertisement in one national magazine that wasn't worked on in Photoshop. The best Photoshop artist we had on days was a gal. As long as she wasn't wearing something repugnant I don't think anyone in the shop cared what scent she was wearing. The exact same goes for the Photoshop expert on nights. We only did national advertising for billion dollar international ad agencys. When I was a Photoshop jockey, I performed scentless.

    What she wears on a date really doesn't matter much if her IQ is in the room temperature range. I won't be dating her again.
    I chose 'photoshop jockey' as just one of those average, ubiquitous, white-collar jobs that is all.

    My point was simply that the average guy can't get away with wearing women's scents. If he were to do it on a first date he likely wouldn't get a second. The advice to "just do whatever you feel like" is bad advice if someone cares about the reactions they will get. If they DON'T care about the reactions, then fine.

    And there are lots of male scents that a woman could wear; doing so is not an especially brave act in our culture. Particularly as men's fragrances over the last few years have converged on women's scents anyway. Of course women can wear those fragrances without difficulty.

    I guess my point was that this is an issue with a lot of asymmettry hidden inside it.

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    Default Re: what do you think of women wearing men's fragrance?

    If you are open-minded and progressive enough to enjoy wearing such fragrances, simply wearing them would be a nice easy way to screen out the clods and duffers who would somehow hold it against you for being so adventurous. If they are put off by your good taste, then this may be a good sign that there would be trouble down the line anyway. If the dates led to a long-term relationship, would you be willing to put away your masculine-marketed fragrances for good? If so, drop me a line when you need to get rid of that Vetiver Extraordinaire.

    One other point is this: Both Dzing! and Jicky are generally considered unisex around here, and can scarcely be considered so masculine to raise any eybrows. Vetiver Extraordinaire is arguably one of the best vetiver based fragrances on the market and it would be a shame for only half the world's population to be "permitted" to wear it. It's not as if you were wearing Brut or Axe(or whichever commonly marketed cheap "masculine" fragrance one might name). I guarantee you that it is less than one in a million that anyone would recognize which of these fragrances you wear just from a whiff thereof, so fear that someone would recognize it as a masculine-marketed fragrance and count it against you is quite ludicrous.
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    Default Re: what do you think of women wearing men's fragrance?


    I LOVE it when a date is interested in my collection, and I go crazy if she wants to wear anything I have. I have several 'female' frags in my collection, and yet those are never the ones that the girls want to smell or wear.

    Funny anecdote- I had a close lady friend over one night just to hang out. As we explored some of my newer scents, she told me to pick one out for her to wear that night. We went though about 6 or 7 bottles (Gaultier2: "too masculine," she said) before finding one that she really liked. The bottle was, of course, the Great White King: Kouros.

    I think that 'masculine' scents are really just 'powerful' scents, or maybe 'animalistic' would be a better description. Anything that I like, I would like to smell on a woman. The only masculine scents that I think wouldn't be appealing on a woman are scents that I wouldn't wear on myself, either.

    That might also explain the 'double standard' of feminine/masculine frags- I won't wear women's Chanels or Guerlains, but I would be excited to have my date wear the masculine counterparts (moreso, to be honest, than if they wore the women's lines). I like smelling of leather, wood, frankincense, and tobacco. There's absolutely no reason why my SO shouldn't smell like those things, too.

    I like what I like for a reason.

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    Default Re: what do you think of women wearing men's fragrance?

    IMHO, women have a far easier time borrowing from the men's world than vice versa. The Mrs. has borrowed my shirts, shoes, and jeans from time to time, and I would not be surprised or upset or turned off in the least if she wore one of my scents.

    Go for it - you'll be happier that way.

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    Default Re: what do you think of women wearing men's fragrance?

    Quote Originally Posted by bren
    If you were on a date with a woman and smelled a masculine fragrance on her, would it act as a turn-off?
    Should I go ahead and wear these or should I stick with more traditionally feminine fare on a date?
    For me, it would never be a turn off, i even think that would make the lady even more interesting.
    You should go ahead with these, if you like them and wear them it's ok because it's a matter of personal choice.

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