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    hey guys! so i just started collecting er.. using cologne and i'm sooo addicted. anyways, i think i have 3 more purchases and i'm done for the year. I definitely want a full range of colognes that i can wear any season/anytime. can you guys recommend stuff that doesn't smell similar to what i alraedy have?

    i currently have...
    Guess Man - citrusy goodness, i use it after my workout
    Ferragamo Subtil - its a neutral, pleasant scent. Not amazing but not bad.
    Versace Dreamer - my favorite as of now

    Comming soon (ordered online)
    Michael - Michael Kors - tried it, loved the smell of pipe tobacco + alcohol
    Vera Wang mini - blind buy, heard great things about it
    Yang - blind buy ditto
    John Varvatos mini - liked it when i tried it on at the mall so its a semi blind buy.

    oh yeah, i forgot to mention i want one of my purchases to be a creed cologne. i am somewhat mystified by that brand.
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    before you hop into the triple digit realm of creed bottles, I suggets you get a decant of one of 'em, as it may not be your thing. Don't Believe the Hype! I have yet to really warm up to a Creed (outside of Himalaya) because I strongly dislike their famous "house note" (the ambergris in the base), so don't be blinded by the brand's mystique.

    sounds like you are into tobbacos. Every tried D&G PH? its like a dirtier Dreamer. If you like Vera Wang once it arrives, try Baldessarini, which is along the same lines (nice bitter orange topnotes with tobacco in the base).

    and Enjoy!

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    oh yeah, i'm definitely going to get samples/decants before i put down 100+ on a bottle.. thats for sure.. its just that there's so many creeds that i dont know where to start.

    also, i'm trying to stay away from tobacco's because i already have quite a few. Thanks for the suggestions though! I mgiht pick up D&G anyways since it can be found for cheap at marshalls.

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    well the classic entry level creed is either GIT or MI, so look into those...

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    Very well put Joel. I worried that there are so many new people flooding Basenotes right now that we can't warn them all about the Creed hype.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Giraffe
    Very well put Joel. I worried that there are so many new people flooding Basenotes right now that we can't warn them all about the Creed hype.
    What does "Creed hype" mean? Why does anyone need to be warned about testing one of the best houses around? I'm at a loss.

    The only fragrence I own of the one's you mentioned is Yang, and yes, it is a good one! One of the best tea fragrences around. A compliment getter. Great bottle too.

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    We (you) shouldn't talk like it is a decided fact amongst seasoned perfume collectors that Creed doesn't live up to the hype. I don't really need it to get any better than the stuff that I really like from Creed, so count me in as at least one new and satisfied customer. Sure there is a lot of hype, but take into account that it ISN"T because Creed is out there hyping it up! There is some seriously good stuff to be found, and this is all relative (you should know that). So don't place a seed of doubt in an unexperienced newbie's head, just because the (or any other) line doesn't suit your own personal tastes.

    I say hell yeah, try them all! It's a great place to start, in the least! And if one strikes you as being worth paying for, go for it, just like you would anything else you liked. You can get them at a good discount online, but one must be highly selective in doing business online due to scammers and fakers.
    Lately I've been wearing:
    Windsor, Bois de Santal, Original Santal, Elixir, Douro, Endymion, Reflection, Arcus, Marwah

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    Well said Scentronic...............

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Giraffe
    Very well put Joel. I worried that there are so many new people flooding Basenotes right now that we can't warn them all about the Creed hype.
    Oh, I can easily say the same thing about L'Artisan or Serge Lutens (which is as pricy as Creed and deserves a more red-alert warning than Creed), but yea, try before you buy. I would say order decants of the most talked about , which for L'Artisan and Serge Lutens would be:

    L'Artisan: Dzing!, Tea for Two, Mechant Loup

    Serge Lutens: Arabie, Fumerie Turque, Chergui!

    I have tried many offerings from these two lines and have found Creed fragrances like Acier Aluminum, Millesime Imperial, Fleurs De Bulgarie, Royal English Leather, Angelique Encens, Vintage Tabarome, Ambre Cannelle, Bois Du Portugal, Royal Scottish Lavender (amongst others!) to be far superior.

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    Creed rocks!

    Hype hype hype! offers sample sets

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    In the time I've been posting to basenotes, I have realized one very (almost too) simple thing: TRY BEFORE YOU BUY.

    Do not make the mistake of getting carried away by a reviewer's take on a fragrance, I did and so far, while I've not had very bad luck, I can see how continuing to do so can lead to (financial) ruin--I kid, but not by much--and worse, to disenchantment with perfume.

    Samples are your best friend. Try your samples on your skin! But above all, have fun. This is a great hobby.
    De gustibus non est disputandum

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    Quote Originally Posted by ifconfig
    In the time I've been posting to basenotes, I have realized one very (almost too) simple thing: TRY BEFORE YOU BUY.
    I can't stress that enough - unless you want to make a blind buy.

    Almost every fragrance in the directory will have negative and positive reviews - they do give lots of information about a fragrances' construction, design and accords, so its definitely a good (and useful!) starting point. Once you have zero'ed in on a fragrance based on its notes and general impressions, give it a try - wear it for a few days or even weeks. Then, if it agrees with you, buy!

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    thanks for the responses.. keep the recommendations comming!

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    I agree that you should not spend a penny on a Creed until after you've smelled the ambergris. I myself don't like the smell of ambergris in abundance so I would not buy a bottle of Creed at a 90% discount! I would recommend trying to pick-up the following:

    1. Gueirlain Vetiver - The first time I used this I said to myself "Now why would I want to smell like potting soil?" Nowadays I smell the brilliance in it.
    2. One fig based fragrance (Salvatore Ferragammo Pour Homme's a good one)
    3. One green fragrance (Givenchy's Greenergy is my favorite)
    4. Old Spice & Tabac Original (sometimes there is a reason behind popularity)

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    cool, will check those out.. waht does ambergris smell like? sorry i'm a newb.

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    Talking Re: recommendations

    Ambergris .... kind of hard to describe the scent really as all pieces found can smell differently. If you don't know what ambergris is ,I will tell you. If you do know, ignore this. Without getting overly technical about squid beaks, ambergris is basically sperm whale vomit that has floated in salt water and baked in the sun and washed up on a beach. I have a tincture and an infusion of this stuff and the common notes are somewhat animalic and salty and sweet. Kind of like whale vomit from the sea. Hope this helps.

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    wow... interesting thing to put in a perfume..

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