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    hey guys! so i just started collecting er.. using cologne and i'm sooo addicted. anyways, i think i have 3 more purchases and i'm done for the year. I definitely want a full range of colognes that i can wear any season/anytime. can you guys recommend stuff that doesn't smell similar to what i alraedy have?

    i currently have...
    Guess Man - citrusy goodness, i use it after my workout
    Ferragamo Subtil - its a neutral, pleasant scent. Not amazing but not bad.
    Versace Dreamer - my favorite as of now

    Comming soon (ordered online)
    Michael - Michael Kors - tried it, loved the smell of pipe tobacco + alcohol
    Vera Wang mini - blind buy, heard great things about it
    Yang - blind buy ditto
    John Varvatos mini - liked it when i tried it on at the mall so its a semi blind buy.

    oh yeah, i forgot to mention i want one of my purchases to be a creed cologne. i am somewhat mystified by that brand.
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