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    Question men's electric razor: linear motor, does it make a difference?

    Hey Guys,

    I am looking at two wet/dry razors as possible Christmas presents for my BF. Both are made by Panasonic and have good reviews, but one has a linear motor and the other does not. From what I can tell, "linear" means that the motor operates at the same capacity until the battery finally dies, whereas the non-linear motors die a bit as the battery capacity goes down.

    Is there really a diff in shave performance? My BF is not a daily shaver (maybe once every 2-3 days) so there would be plenty of time to re-charge between shaves. Are there other differences or features to linear vs non-linear motors?

    Here are the two shavers at Amazon:

    ES7056 (non-linear motor):

    ES8077S (linear motor):

    Thanks for your help!
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    Default Re: men's electric razor: linear motor, does it make a difference?

    First, definitely get a Panasonic. Anything Panasonic makes is generally top-rated in its field (according to reviews). I'm on my second Panasonic shaver as my first one simply wore out after about 5 years. I bought another one because they are the best.

    I can't say whether or not to go with the linear motor model but I have the ES8097 which I believe may be discontinued but is similar to this one:

    It's great and never bogs down. The only reason I can think of that a linear motor might be an advantage would be for someone who travels a lot and might have to go several days without recharging.

    What I can recommend is definitely go with a wet/dry model and don't bother with the "self-cleaning" crap. If the model comes with a cleaning system and you're willing to pay extra, fine but it's a hassle and costs extra for the cleaning solution cartridges. It's much easier and cheaper to just use a mild liquid hand soap to clean the blades under running water after each use.

    Edit: Check

    It seems I may have mispoken about the linear motor technology. Apparently part of the advantage of this type of motor is that it keeps the blades perpendicular to the foil throughout the blade movement (according to a review on My old Panasonic electric does not have a linear motor and i compared it to my newer one to check the difference for myself. I do see the difference in the blade movement and i can say that theoretically, the linear movement should give a better shave. However, I don't remember noticing a significantly better shave with my new Panasonic over my old one. Panasonic simply makes quality shavers and i believe i have been getting the best possible shaves with both of them.
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