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    Default Obscure fragrances

    I have some fragrances that I can't find in the directory, even two I can't find online.

    ParFois by Charles de Bessanger (this one, I cannot google online, not even the address on the box)

    Freesider by Odeon Parfums

    Modigliani by Modigliani (note that this is a red bottle with a gold cap, and comes in a matte red-design box)


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    Default Re: Obscure fragrances


    If you would like them included in the Directory, the separate entry should be made on the bottom of the Forum in "Missing Fragrances", Grant will do it as soon as he has time. If you would like to hear more opinions or read about the notes, I am sorry I have not heard about the two first fragrances but I suspect them to be luxe class (something in between mass-market and department store), and the Modigliani did not inspire me much last time I saw it in Perfumania, I could not wait to wash it off, matter of fact.
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    Default Re: Obscure fragrances

    I already put them on the missing fragrance page. I think the problem is, I have Grant completely stumped, because Odeon doesn't have it on their page, and he would have to contact Charles de Bessanger via Par Avion about his fragrance.


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    Default Re: Obscure fragrances

    I've got a big backlog at the moment. (ABout 700 waiting in the wings )

    Thanks for reminding me of these to add

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    Default Re: Obscure fragrances

    Via Veneto by I Santi
    Norwegian Wood by Kanøn
    Milano Collection 2009 Eau de Parfum by Kanebo
    Aral Un des Sens by Catherine Lara
    Christopher Joseph by Christopher Joseph
    Eau de Cacao by Coppeneur

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    Default Re: Obscure fragrances

    i would to ask you if anyone knows where i can buy the Kanebo milano collection 2009. thanks, irene.

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