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    Default Sensual Vetiver and Fruit de Bois

    Sensual Vetiver. I purchased this as a blind buy in a combo set with Refreshing Ginger, two limited edition scents by Herrera that build upon the original Herrera for men. I am glad I did because I now have a new favorite top five scent. I'm new here so bare with me when I try to describe the smell. To me it smells like a mix of beeswax/honey and vetiver. The vetiver is dirtier/rougher than Guerlains Vetiver or Carvens, and serves to balance out the honey smells which could be a touch too cloying without it. The longevity on my skin is incredible, pushing 12 hours now with no sign of stopping. The drydown is fairly linear but the vetiver seems to fade in and out so one minute I smell honey then the next I smell vetiver. It's brilliant, smells great on my skin, and it was dirt cheap. Easily in my top 5 list now. I will write about the Ginger after wearing it tomorrow.

    Fruit de Bois by Jean Charles Brosseau. Hmmmm. Easiest way to describe it is Coriolan mixed with and Black Code by Armani. A nice grapefruit and sage opening drying down to a powdery mix of amber and light woods. Not a powerhours, stays close to the skin. I like it alot because I liked Coriolan but thought it was rather dull and I liked Black Code's sage but not the vanilla I picked up. A very nice office fragrance and you can't beat the price.

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    Default Re: Sensual Vetiver and Fruit de Bois

    I searched for SV as it sounds like something I would like but could not find any . A few web-stores carried it but were out of where to be found .

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    Default Re: Sensual Vetiver and Fruit de Bois

    It's on Perfumebay, I can't post a link yet since my post count is too low

    Cost is 44.90 for 3.4 oz, but the Limited Editions set which is Ginger and Vetiver is 37.90 for a 1.7oz of each, an excellent deal!

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    Default Re: Sensual Vetiver and Fruit de Bois

    Yes indeed, the Fruit de Bois is marvellous. It's not heavy in the slightest but it has real presence and - as you said - would be ideal as a office scent.
    This, along with the companion fragrances of Atlas Cedar and The Brun are of the highest quality and very, very reasonable. If anyone wants these fragrances I would buy them up quickly because I don't believe they are going to be around for very long.

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    Default Re: Sensual Vetiver and Fruit de Bois

    SV was definitly my favorite Vetiver until recently when I found Sel de Vetiver by Different Company. It is an amazing fragrance and the price is no indication of its quality. All vetiver lovers should find a bottle.

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