I'm thinking of trying this old stuff (my mom wore it in the 60's with false eyelashes and pale lipstick) because I've been reading such great reviews on it. I'm just wondering about color selection. I'm very fair, but not "ivory". My skin has a lot of pink in it, and when I use "ivory" foundations they are way too yellowish on me. I need a truly neutral shade. Lately, I've been wearing Clinique Super Balanced foundation in Alabaster, but I need a change - the color's good but the liquid is too sheer. I have increasing issues with redness around my nose and chin. I want to try the Pan Stik more as a concealer, rather than an allover foundation, something I could build up coverage with in some places, and keep very sheer in others. I don't like a heavily made up, masky look - so, of course, must now wear quite a bit of makeup to look "natural"! Ah, the aging process! LOL! Anyone care to share their Pan Stik experiences? Thanks very much in advance.