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    Default Suggestions, anyone?

    Ok, lets try an alternate solution. The question about "Antidote" still stands, but maybe I should try a different approach (haven't investigated male scents for a while, so....).

    Receiving party: Male, mid-to-upper 30s, computer nerd-ish, but not quite, casual sorta guy (not jeans, though; more like khakis and nice shirts), warm climate, not much into grooming (don't get me wrong, cleanliness is on target, just not into colognes/manicures/etc.). Somewhat conservative and reserved. Does have a taste for the nicer things in life, though; i.e., not completely immune to the seduction of luxuries. Reasonably adventurous (not going to bungee - sp? - jump, but may go out on a catamaran). Likes to travel. Interested in lots of things, but primarily world history (ancient and middle ages, mostly) and classical music. BMW-ish, not a Porsche or Mercedes kinda person.

    As I've mentioned in the Antidote thread, he seems to like Baldessarini, but I really can't tell whether he truly does - he certainly may like it only because I do. But certainly doesn't find it offensive or unwearable.

    Would like to sex him up a bit (not too much, though) - it's in him, and with the proper scent I'm sure it'll stand out more. I'm thinking leather, perhaps? Certainly open to other options.
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    Default Re: Suggestions, anyone?

    Diptyque Eau Lente to bring out the Alexander the Great in him.

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    Default Re: Suggestions, anyone?

    Again I must say: Zino Davidoff: sex in a bottle. Fits your description of receiver well.

    I think leather is the wrong way to go,, but that just might be me.

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    Default Re: Suggestions, anyone?

    Paul Smith: Story

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    Default Re: Suggestions, anyone?

    Hi FroFro, nice to see you around again (and that you are still into Baldessarini)

    If you want a leather, but not too macho, why not try Cuiron? Its fruit and leather and musk, and I think it'd work quite well.

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    Default Re: Suggestions, anyone?

    Joel> Cuiron is on the spot! A moderate leather that still sticks out. Provides that feeling of days passed without feeling olded at all. It's not in your face, but not at all boring.
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    Default Re: Suggestions, anyone?

    Hey, Joel! Good to see you! Baldessarini rocks!

    Thanks for all your suggestions, Gentlemen. I will certainly look into them. I guess there's just no avoiding going on a sniff-fest. Sigh.

    Good thing is I don't have to do that until after the New Year.
    Veni, Vidi, Visa.

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