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    Default Nikos Sculpture Review

    Today, at work.. I noticed that under our counter.. in the "rare" section was a bottle of Sculpture by Nikos. Since this has been on my "want list" for a long time.. I had to purchase it. There seems to be little conversation about it on the boards.. so I thought I would toss out a quick review of it.

    Sculpture is a very polarizing fragrance.. and reminds me somewhat of Dunhill Desire in it's overhwhelming sweetness. Where as Desire has an almost goofy, syrupy character... Nikos goes on a little more frosty and self-assured... while maintaining the saccharine sweetness.

    Upon initial spritz, the user is greeted with a generous blast of Tonka, which seems to mute the slight citric/herbaceous character of the opening. It's sweet, it's cool.. slightly femine and very potent. For those who gravitate more towards dry, woodsy chypres.. this is essentially the antithesis of their preference.

    The fragrance doesn't really develop much... the Orange blossom bows out and the tonka and vanilla shine through strongly with all their frosty goodness. All other notes, are once again muted. The longevity and sillage of this stuff is unequaled.. and the bottle shape and style is gorgeous...

    For those who find Dunhill Desire a little bit much... do yourself a favor and sample Nikos Sculpture.. it's the type of fragrance that you will either "love" or "loathe" completely... I happen to really really enjoy it.

    Happy sniffing!

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    Default Re: Nikos Sculpture Review

    When I had both a long time ago I also thought Desire was pretty much a lesser clone.
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    Default Re: Nikos Sculpture Review

    Oddly enough I was wearing Sculpture this morning when I read your review (but couldn't respond because they've blocked my computer at work).

    I think it's a great ambery fougere scent. Scents very similar to it in character are Man.Aubusson and Diesel Plus Plus (minus the milk note).

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    Default Re: Nikos Sculpture Review

    I've had this scent for almost four years now, I love it. It has an very exotic touch. It reminds me of something Aladdin would wear. I don't get much projection out of it. It stays close to my skin. Maybe I'll try my new application method with this frag to see if I get better results next time around.
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    Default Re: Nikos Sculpture Review

    I have never tried Sculpture, but I have two bottles of the original Nikos which is supposedly quite rare. Has anyone actually tried both? If so, are they similar?

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