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    I paid a visit to Frederic Malle's website yesterday, and as a result of filling out their survey they are sending me samples of Vetiver Extraordinaire and Bigarade Concentree. I haven't tried any of their fragrances yet, so I'm pretty excited as both fragrances got decent reviews over in the directory.

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    You will like them I think. I sampled Bigarade Concentree this past weekend and liked it alot. Like someone else said recently on here...It is the dirty brother of Terre d'Hermes. Love this stuff and lasts a long time.

    I have VE and love it as well.

    Have fun and let us know your thoughts when you sample them!!


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    I did that same thing a long time ago. I think they are pretty smart because I've tried it again with different addresses and locations but they won't send me more, no matter how many times I do that questionaire. I got VE and Angeliques Sous la Ploui from them. I didn't really like either all that much. I guess you gotta have the nose for it and I just don't. Let us know how you like your samples.

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    I haven't smelled BC.
    VC takes a while to understand because it has a weird ozonic note that I've never smelled before in any other scent, but after much sniffing and deliberation I have come to the conclusion that it is quite possibly the best vetiver scent ever created. It's certainly up there, at least among the vetivers that aren't meant to be soapy clean. The problem with falling for the Malle scents is the price tag though. Ouch.

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    The only FM juices I knew were Musc Ravageur and Cologne Bigarade. So I too did the questionnaire, and added a sorta steamy narrative. Quick, chatty response from FM suggesting Bigarade Concentree, Vetiver Extraordinaire, and as an afterthought, La Fleur de Cassie. And then there they were. Both Bigarades vanish on me after an hour or two, the Concentree leaving behind a slight anise note. VE is dense, dark, and overpowering IMHO. The FC? A peculiar number, at first too sweet and hard to place, but it keeps developing and might become a fave (after BdP).

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    Thanks for all of the replies, everyone. I'm curious, what size sample should I expect?

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    No less than a 5ml atomizer, Dennard! Enjoy.
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    I didn't bother doing the survey...I just sent them an email asking for samples of the ones I was interested in. They arrived in the mail about a week later with a nice note. Sadley, the generous 5ml samples of the past are now tiny standard-issue samples (still a spray though). I did mention in my request to them that I was a customer in the past, so maybe that pursuaded them a bit, but who knows.

    BTW - I'm not a big vetiver fan, so I won't comment on VE, but Bigarade Concentree is very bright and clean and beautiful. Angeliques is spicy and damp and also beautiful. Those are the safest, most masculine scents in their line. Carnal Flower, Fleur de Cassie and Une Rose are all beautiful florals, and can easily be worn by a man (if that concerns you). Noir Epices is also absotutely and spicy with a bit of citrus.

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    Has anyone here bought a full priced Malle bottle yet ?

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    hi sofresh,

    Noir Epices is one that I will try in the future; I've heard so many positive things said about it here on the forum. I'll also be sure to check out the floral scents you mentioned as well, you have piqued my interest.

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    VE is fantastic! Would be curious to read your reactions after you get and use the samples.


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    Well, I received the samples this afternoon and I wore VE tonight. I have to confess, I'm not really into this fragrance right now. Maybe it just needs some time to grow on me because I haven't worn a vetiver fragrance before. But it's kind of sour smelling on me at the moment, and not in a good way. Anyway, I'm waiting to see how it's going to develop.

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