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    Default I smell a ghost ... wooooo-oooo

    I couldn't wait until next Halloween with this one. Yesterday I began thinking that, should I die before DH, he would know I succeeded in making an afterlife visitation if he smelled Stella Rose Absolute, his favorite from my collection of scents. I just Googled a few related articles I thought you might find entertaining. There must be countless more.

    I Smell a Ghost

    Unexplained mysteries

    Musse created a thread asking if any of us can conjure up a perfume memory. Some of us can, some of us can't, and some of us get occasional, surprise scent flashbacks. Maybe that's what ghostly scents can be attributed to. At any rate, try answering this one: What fragrance would your ghostly form waft?
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    Default Re: I smell a ghost ... wooooo-oooo

    Interesting topic!! I would have to say that as of right now my ghost would smell of Ysatis. Up until very recently, that was pretty much my HG. Having discovered so many other wonderful scents in the last year, I haven't worn her much lately, but most of my friends and family would recognize that scent as 'me'.

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    Default Re: I smell a ghost ... wooooo-oooo

    Angelique Encens - it's the epitome of a "haunted" mansion, for me. Chanel Gardenia is a haunted Victorian garden.

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    Default Re: I smell a ghost ... wooooo-oooo

    Oh, Iris Poudre without a doubt .....

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    Default Re: I smell a ghost ... wooooo-oooo

    Messe de Minuite. Hints of church, and funerals.

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