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    Default Very Irresistible Givenchy

    I have Very Irresistible and Very Irresistible Summer lotion but I was curious to know about the other Very Irresistible's because I cant find any reviews of them. Does anyone know about Very Irresistible Harvest or Very Irresistible Sensual? How about any Givenchy lotion?

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    I think that the main differences rely on the quality of the roses used and the intensity of the frags per se.
    For example, VIHarvest is more of a clean, more how can i say it..."pure" frag than the original and it's also somewhat better constructed, you can detect more clearly the difference between the top and the basenotes better, and it also has better sillage and longevity (but it's not a powerful sillage/longevity anyways).
    The VI Sensual can be described as creamier,dirtier version of the VI original, and it also lasts a hell of a lot longer (IMHO) and it's the one i think that smells more like a real bouquet of roses when compared with the original, but it's still not a "perfect" scent: it feels a bit unfinished, but it's still pretty.
    Don't know nothing about the lotion sorry.

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