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Thread: I'm in Yemen!

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    Default I'm in Yemen!

    Haven't posted in a long time cause I've had a lot going on... It all lead to living in Yemen for a while. There are quite a few places that sell perfumes, even on the street. Most of the stores seem to be selling the standard American department store stuff. I lean more towards DSH and Villoresi so that didn't excite me too much. I have seen men on the street selling what look to be oils. They are arranged in nice glass flasks and are all different colors. They sell small vials of the stuff. My Arabic isn't good enough to talk to them yet, but does anyone have a good sense of what they do?

    I did find a Saudi scent in the main souk called Faris. I was hoping to find some "real" orientals here, and this is my first. My nose isn't good enough to reliably pick out individual notes, but this starts off all amber spice and settles down into what I can only describe as an inscency root beer... Anyway, I like it.. Does anyone know of other Saudi or local scents I should be on the lookout for? I like orientals, spicy, smoldering fragrences. I'll be going to Dubai soon as well, any suggestions?


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    When you come to Dubai, drop me a PM. I will give you some suggestions.

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    Obviously go for anything with Oudh in it. I'm not sure if Yemen will have Sandalwood oils. But yeah any oil mixtures in general are worth it, especially since they are way cheaper than buying out here and there's something special about having an original/handblended mixture.

    In Dubai for sure go after anything made by the brand Ajmal Perfume.

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    No tips, but I'm feeling some jealousy! Enjoy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Killer_Vavoom
    When you come to Dubai, drop me a PM. I will give you some suggestions.

    Thanks! Right now it looks like I'll only be in Dubai for a matter of hours on a layover. I've got a friend coming to pick me up and show me around, any places I should know about for sampling and perhaps buying? If I ever go there for longer, I'll be sure to look you up!


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