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    Default Shopping shelves review 4: L'Occitane Néroli

    It has been a long time and many scents since I’ve purchased anything from L'Occitane. Vetyver and Thé Vert (Green Tea) both came home with me the days I first met them, and I’ve made Thé Vert a gift to several cousins fortunately scattered over the continent. Nothing else has been an instant sale, there, and thoughts of nothing sold there have grown in my nose either. Yet

    Néroli is a beaut. There’s an unfortunate informal ranking by the words we use describing women’s attractiveness. Gorgeous seems to be the top, beautiful up high, pretty, and maybe then it’s cute. I don’t know what the ranking is for sure, and it’s certainly in flux when I use the terms, but it seems to exist. Neroli ain’t gorgeous, ain’t beautiful, but certainly is pretty and cute, without being lesser on the scale of attractiveness or belittled by “cute.”

    Comes in edp too, and I find it sticky and thick. Simple and very nice, the neroli is clear but I think it’s over something dense and heavy like some amber. There are better noses here who can tell me I’m wrong and properly set the record straight for thread readers to come, but whatever it is, it’s of the thick trail of gooey amber syrup variety. I smell neroli in all the summer stuff and that’s how I’m conditioned to smell it. L’Occitane chucks that. This heavy trail ain’t no bigarade. I’ve got a sample spray vial of this and I keep swearing to myself that I’m going to use it, but I haven’t yet.

    Something seems missing from this. I keep thinking of how good it would smell in a smoky room, so maybe some smoke is missing from it, but it’s otherwise a very attractive scent that is very approachable and filled with personality. Great density, great projection, great longevity, great classic quality. Not a creation of anyone who only cares about using a name and packaging to take away your money.

    Another scent that’s a credit to anyone lucky enough to make him or her self walk around life in it.
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Default Re: Shopping shelves review 4: L'Occitane Néroli

    I think you captured the essence of this one quite well. There is most certainly something dense about it, almost oily, and amber in the basenotes is a fair guess. I was intrigued by your comment that it was missing something, because when I smelled it, though I found it more formal and classic in its construction than I would expect from L'Occitane, it reminded me of Crown Perfumery's very fine Imperial minus something or other. I never analyzed it further, but may revisit it in the future. My take: a quality scent that both an aficionado and novice could happily wear, with the latter perhaps inspired by the scent to explore old classics. Not a masterpiece, but WAY better than most newer releases.

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    Default Re: Shopping shelves review 4: L'Occitane Néroli


    Remarkably, I tried this relatively new EDP from L'Occitane just today; a full day's wearing. It opens with a very refreshing neroli opening, per its name (orange flower blossom), so it's a combination of softly floral citrus topnotes. There is also some ylang-ylang in the topnotes to give it a floral boost, but the first hour is all neroli. The base consists of sandalwood, vanilla, and vetiver, and after two hours the first of these (sandalwood) moves forward and makes the scent quite interesting. The vetiver is never very apparent, and after four hours the vanilla steps forward strongly, quickly and decidedly pulling the scent into an overly sweet drydown. Pity, really, because up to this time it had been surprisingly good. In the end, though, for me just too vanillic sweet. I'm glad to have tried it, but it didn't come home with me.
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    Default Re: Shopping shelves review 4: L'Occitane Néroli

    Maybe this is what a Serge Lutens citrus would smell like ?

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    Default Re: Shopping shelves review 4: L'Occitane Néroli

    SL covered citrus with Madarine Mandarin and it's still in a bell jar. It's a mandarine for Mandarins. Ho Chi Minh was a Mandarin, ruling class Vietnamese. Matter of fact North Vietnam was run by former Mandarins, rich well educated in Paris etc. Back to the topic. MPG has Jardin du Neroli which I think is great. Listed here as feminine, I think it could be worn by any Neroli lover. It's in my top 3 bottle worthy scents.
    good review Chris.

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    Default Re: Shopping shelves review 4: L'Occitane Néroli

    I'm a sucker for everything L'Occitane, I love the men's toiletteries! Cade Shaving Cream, After Shave Lotion, After Shave Oil,Immortelle Face Wash,Lavender Scrub,Soaps,The Honey line,aromatherapy,etc,etc! High quality stuff!
    Top faves: Aramis Devin,Balenciage PH,Zino Davidoff,Trussardi Uomo,BlackXS,Sybaris,Furyo,HoHangClub,Santos Sport,KriziaSpazio,CarverVetiverDry,GIT,AmberSulta n,TeaForTwo,Dzing.
    My drobe:

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    Default Re: Shopping shelves review 4: L'Occitane Néroli

    I love L'Occitane!

    I use all their shaving products and own Vetiver and The Verte a la Menthe. I think I need to test this one soon!

    Quote Originally Posted by abimanyu
    After Shave Oil
    I think you'll find that this is a Pre Shaving Oil. In fact it works so good, you can almost shave with it without any shaving cream!

    The scent grows richer, he knows he must be near
    He finds a long passageway lit by chandelier
    Each step he takes, the perfumes change
    From familiar fragrance to flavours strange
    A magnificent chamber meets his eye

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    Default Re: Shopping shelves review 4: L'Occitane Néroli

    Great review - I smelled this about 3 weeks ago, and it stopped me in my tracks...I will own this soon.

    It reminded me of "Must" by Cartier - not in comparable scents but in its thickness...I don't know if I would wear this in warm weather though (I live in Miami, it's always warm here...)

    Most L'Occtiane left me dissatisfied, but Neroli was different from the very first spray.
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