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    Default Looking for leathery replacement for DK Men (original)

    I remember DK Men (aka Fuel) as, nearly, a "leather gourmand", sweet on the opening with a persistent leather note in the drydown. I never got the fuel/petrol note so many have described. I really liked this leather note and am looking for something similar. Fuel is too hard to come by, besides, I want to explore new territory

    I've tried John Varvatos; It's more subtle than I'd like and longevity is nil. I'm into linear scents these days and I want something rich, but not overpowering - and not just straight plain old leather... Longevity is more important than sillage. I would wear this fantasy scent year round except for the hottest Summer months - probably as office/casual.

    So, here is my test list so far - any other suggestions?

    Helmut Lang Cuiron
    Knize Ten
    Creed REL
    Tauer Lonestar Memories
    Zirh Corduroy (I tested this once and it had the note, unsure about longevity though. Need to retest)


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    Default Re: Looking for leathery replacement for DK Men (original)

    I like/love Knize Ten, and have worn it in the winter for over 5 years, but lately have been using samples of "Fine Leather" by Heeley, which I think is pretty fantastic. Knize Ten is much stronger than the Heeley's but strangely, the Knize Ten (which has pretty good longevity) said au revoir sooner than the more subtle Fine Leather. The Heeley product would remind you of very fine glove leather, and it has a violet middle that is not strong but very, very gratifying.

    Just a thought.


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    Default Re: Looking for leathery replacement for DK Men (original)

    minor point: The long-lost-love you are describing is DK Fuel (or to a lesser extent, Unleaded). There is no "leather gourmand" DK Men that isn't Fuel. "DK Fuel" and "DK Men" are interchangeable.

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    Default Re: Looking for leathery replacement for DK Men (original)

    more to the point: I've never found anything like DK Fuel. There is no replacement. 7ml minis can regularly be had on ebay for $30, and I have some 10 ml decants. I just sold my extra 75 ml bottle, and I know Basenoter AZsmells recently had a bottle up on ebay as well, dunno if he sold it though.

    If you are unsure whether DK Fuel is in fact the DK Men you seek (there was also a DKNY Men, but totally unlike your description), I'd be happy to send you a sample if you PM me your address.

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