Thanks to everyone for your recommendations regarding the cedarwood and woody frags for which I was looking. Your response was overwhelming. After further research, I narrowed the group down to some of the more masculine scents you recommended. The chosen few are as follows:

Cacharel PH - One of the most amazing drydowns ever. Smells incredible all day. How woody and spicy should be done. Classic.
M7 - I like the spicy ones too. Perhaps a little sweet for my taste but interesting and enigmatic enough to win me over. Must be the musk and amber.
Gucci PH - Overtly masculine and very woody. I sampled this a few months ago and thought it was maybe too formal for me. I've since changed my opinion and decided to where it casually in moderation. Amber lurking at the bottom may make Gucci PH one of my all-time favorites.
Tumulte PH - Maybe this is what Escada Magnetism wants to be. Longer lasting than Magnetism and the cedar is more prevalent.

There were a few others that are little difficult to find. If anyone has a sample or decant of any of the following, please let me know:Navegar, Bois du Portugal, and Guerlain Heritage.

Thank you,