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    Default Ungaro I: mini review

    I have just bought this gem a few days ago and wanted to share my thoughts.I am a real newbie in posting so this might not be a very analytical description.
    My nose is not as sophisticated as many of the great reviewers here and when I sniff scents, instead of picking single notes, my mind creates images and places which would be linked with the scent in some way.So;
    On a weekend day,probably late autumn, I am sittin in a wooden house in the country.Inside the house is warm but its raining cats and dogs outside.I am looking at the fireplace and thinking, at the same time sipping a good vintage red wine.There is a plate on the table containing cherries and I am eating some, while drinking.Suddenly I hear a disturbing voice outside, like some wild animal stuck the fence or a stranger running around the house.I rush to the back door,open and get outside directly on the narrow path leading to the forest.I look around but see noone,nothing.That gives me a relief and I take a big whiff of the air.I smell the heavy rain, damp soil, scents of some flowers from the front garden and the scents of the green leaves and mosses from the forest.There is a slight sweetness there that I can not connect with the nature.Then I see that I am still holding the wine glass in my hand and feel the sweetness of the cherries in my mouth.This moment for me is, Ungaro I.
    Sillage is moderate and longevity is rather short (3-4 hours on my skin) but it is a breathtaking scent nonetheless.
    There are certain similarities with the other member of the family(Ungaro III),
    but where Ungaro I is the intelligent, less talking and mature older brother, Ungaro III is the more handsome, athletic and easy to like younger one.

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    Default Re: Ungaro I: mini review

    i was just wondering where did you pick your bottle of Ungaro is virtually impossible to get one even on ebay...and if its available, it is outrageously priced..


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    Default Re: Ungaro I: mini review

    Hello! That is a beautiful and evocative review; very well done! I agree with the magic in Ungaro I and your perception of it relative to Ungaro III. I'll look forward to reading your future reviews if this is any indication. Take care.


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    Talking Re: Ungaro I: mini review

    Thanks for the nice words Wicozani, I am really happy you liked my review.
    As for how I obtained it; I think this is the best part, there is an etailer selling goods on a national auction site here, and from time to time they have unbelieveble things for ridiculous prices. I got Ungaro I 50 ml EDT spray for just 40$ incl. Sh+Hndl.

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    Default Re: Ungaro I: mini review

    Great review!
    Ungaro I is wonderful, but the second one is even better!!

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    Default Re: Ungaro I: mini review

    Wonderful review. Means much more to me than if you had talked about hexylcinnamate and cyclamenaldehydes. God I'm gonna miss this site.

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    Default Re: Ungaro I: mini review

    Wonderful review. Ungaro I is one of the really great ones.

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    Default Re: Ungaro I: mini review

    I was recently in San Jose, California and came across a perfume shop in a mall that has a bunch of really hard to find stuff. They had 1 oz bottles of Ungaro I for $65, other stuff was even more expensive. I tried it and didn't care for it too much at first but a few hours later I loved it. I really should have bought it. I can't find it sold anywhere online except for on ebay. You got a great deal.

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