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    I often wear XS, because of its musky ending. It fits very nicely on me.

    But I'm searching a stronger musky fragrance, but still classical. The "complexity" of XS is a little too "modern" to me, probably due to fruity notes.

    What could be appropriate?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Herrera for Men may be exactly what you're looking for.
    It has some similarities to XS - and is definitely more musky.
    Be very careful not to overspray for it is very strong with great longevity.

    As a wildcard suggestion, perhaps you should also try Bulgari Pour Homme?
    It does not smell like XS, but it is a uncluttered, fresh and timeless - and I find it very musky from top to bottom.

    2 cents?

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    Mr. monkey, your advice were really useful, that's why:

    Indeed, Herrera was my scent around 7 years ago, then I changed it to XS. Can't remember why I changed - and don't have it anymore. But, if I can remember it, that's possibly what I'm looking for, ironically.

    About Bulgari, I do use it sometimes, but I confess I can feel more musk in my XS, don't know why. Even so, it's a great musky option.

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