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    I'm looking for suggestions and seeing on how it'd best help if I described myself...

    Here's a little about myself:

    I lived a fairly fast paced life these past 4 years. I'm turning 20 this friday and I'm beginning to realize I need to begin to settle down and grow up. I've dropped out of two different colleges and now I've got myself on track and have figured out what I want to do with my life.

    I am very interested in non-invasive medical practices such as physical therapy, chiropractic, nutrition, etc. I currently work full time at a bank that is small right now but gradually growing. When in my place of business I keep to myself and just do my job. Although I am sociable I moreso put off the "Easy to work with, very laid back" kind of vibe. However when I am home I can be very loud, sarcastic (in a funny way), and overwhelming (wierdness).

    In february I am moving into an apartment with my girlfriend who's 22. She's got 6 months of school left before she finishes and becomes a registered nurse. When it comes to smells it is easy for her to get headaches. The things that set it off is a strong alcohol smell in perfumes or colognes and when incense burn too long. She loves warm scents. The fragrances shes most into are cinnamon, vanilla, chamomile, coffee, coconut, cedarwood, etc. Her perfumes are clinique happy and kenneth cole black for her. On the occasion she will wear burberry. Much like me she used to live a very fast paced life and is now settling down.

    I myself am into some of the same types of fragrances. Maybe it's because winter is here and I reside in New Jersey? I'm not all that sure. I'm into clean scents for when at work but everything outside of work I'm into the warmer, powdered fragrances. Oh and wood! I love the smell of different types of woods! I'm not a huge fan of musk but a little is good to add another dynamic to the cologne I am wearing. I can't stand fruity smells on me. It makes me feel way too feminine. Although I figured I wouldn't enjoy it, I rescently stumbled upon a sage and citrus candle by yankee. I found myself constantly wanting to smell it (I do know candles are not the same thing).

    I'm 6 foot, athletic and muscular but I also have that layer of fat on me not making me male model material. Blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm of scottish, Irish, Welsh, and English descent. I'm more handsome than sexy. I'd consider myself more of the modern man type where as I'm not GQ savy/metrosexual, but I'm also not chest hair about to explode out of shirt, lumberjack man. I'm a huge football fan, I smoke a cigar on occasion, hair gel is not foriegn to me however a majority of the time I keep a clean close cut to avoid needing any. I wouldn't be caught dead getting a manicure or pedicure.

    I can't stand stale, metal, and blood like scents. L'anarchiste appealed to me for the type of person that wears it's scent from what I hear has the ability to make me feel nauseus as well as my girlfriend. I do know that the best thing to do is to go to a store, spray fragrances on the cards, blah blah. And to later test them on myself. The reason I am hear asking for help is because I want to avoid spending the whole day stinking up my local retail store. I'm also very resistant to ask for help as time and time again when I have I have always been directed towards the aqua di gios and the drakkar noirs.

    I've done my fair share of research and have narrowed down a list of colognes but find myself when testing them confused about where I went wrong.

    I almost feel embarrased to say that the scents of rochas man, boss no. 6, Stetson black, and armani code black all appeal to me. However I feel they all for the most part are missing something or are overpowering in some aspects. Rochas man, boss no. 6 seem to be very simple to my nose and it feels like it needs something. Stetson black and armani code black just have me puzzled about what it is that I don't feel completes it or what is there too much of.

    I'm basically looking for something that both my girlfriend and I will enjoy. But also I don't have a huge bank account to throw money away at colognes however that doesn't rule out recommending some of the more expensive scents.

    The list I have made when going to test out colognes are as follows (keep in mind I eliminated some due to there price tags and also included some because of the reviews about them even though I feel like I won't be partial to them)

    Vetiver Extraordinaire
    Casran - Chopard
    John Varvatos
    Rochas Man
    Vetiver - Geurlain
    Envy for Men - Gucci
    Gucci Pour Homme - Gucci
    L'anarchiste - Caron
    Pi - Givenchy
    Terre d'hermes

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    I would have suggested Black Code for you because it has that powdery scent after it dries down and it is loved by most everyone I know. I guess that one is out. I am surprised you like Boss #6 because it has a fruityness to it and it quite strange with the overbearing vanilla.

    Out of what you picked my favorites are: John Varvatos, Rochas Man, Envy, Gucci pour Homme.

    Now, if you like those then you should smell:
    M7 by YSL
    Dior Homme by Christian Dior
    Bvlgari Black
    Carven Homme
    Lolita Lempicka (maybe)
    Burberry Brit
    Rive Gauche by YSL

    More High end:
    Santal Noble by MPG
    Dzing! by L'Artisan
    Musc Ravageur by Frederic Malle

    Those are my suggestions. I kep to winter colognes. Some are woody but most are warm vanilla/sandalwood fragrances. They would be wise to try. Good luck on your hunt and WELCOME to basenotes! That was quite the intro.

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    Default Re: New to it all

    Burberry Brit immediately came to mind. Of the ones you'd like to try, I'd go for Givenchy Pi and John Varvatos. I also like EnvYuS's suggestions of Bvlgari Black and Lolita Lempicka.

    Welcome to basenotes!!!
    " David Bowie really God?" - Penelope Garcia

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    Default Re: New to it all

    Hi matreal!
    First of all welcome aboard!!!
    Indeed you've already received noticeable suggestions from good ol' buddies here; I also would add to the "must try" list

    YSL Opium pour homme (both the edt and the edp)
    Armani Code pour homme
    Guerlain Heritage
    Chanel Egoiste
    Chanel Pour Monsieur edt Concentrée

    As EnvYuS says, I also strongly recommend Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur: I understand you're not much into musk, but this is a so gentle one! Moreover as you say your gf goes nuts for vanilla and cinnamon and this is a pretty unixes scent, what a perfect xmas gift would it be for sharing it with her!

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    Thanks for the suggestions thus far. I can't wait to go check some of these out

    I'll update on what I think of each one. As for the boss no. 6, I never really got the fruity smell off it. Just a very strong vanilla scent.

    I never knew vanilla and cinnamon were unisex but now that I think about it I did notice they were both in alot of unisex fragrances I looked at around here on basenotes.

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    Default Re: New to it all

    I stand corrected, Boss by hugo boss. Not boss #6 is the fragrance I'm partial to

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    Default Re: New to it all

    I checked out burberry and terre d'hermes and they were just not my cup of tea.

    I tryed Pi - Givenchy but could barely even smell it on me. I couldn't tell if it was there or not and it wasn't because my nose got used to the fragrance. I could barely smell it when I sprayed it.

    I went to sephora and got a sample of egoist but sadly they only had egoiste platinum. It's better than terre d'hermes to my nose but it reminds me too much of public bathroom soap dispensers. I'll be going back to check out more tomorrow but so far I'm still lost.

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    My girlfriend said she smelt unforgivable by sean john in a magazine and kept talking about how good it smelt. Now I've heard it's a rip off to MI by creed. I don't really care if a product is a rip off or not. If it smells something like it and it's cheaper then why the hell not? Just throwing that out there.

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