Wow, that's interesting pluran, thank you... I cut'n'pasted into a Word doc. so I could save it.

I'm feeling better, especially today... I spent the previous two days with my family, which was good. It never hurts to be reminded how much you're loved. I think initially I was just panicked: it felt like I had lost a vital organ or something, and had no idea how I would even function. Now I'm realizing he wasn't vital... just like an appendix or something:-), and as the days go by I'm realizing over and over that I'm still living, breathing, and sometimes smiling, and I'm going to be just fine.
Fragrance-wise, I've been all over the map: applying small amounts of different things several times a day, according to my mood at the given moment:-). If I have a tough moment, I forgo fragrance until I'm feeling better. This way I'm pretty sure I won't have any associations that will be so powerful that I can't wear the scent again.

Right now I'm wearing Chergui over Parfum Sacre and it's quite fantastic!