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    Default Made of List of Frags I want to Try: now what?

    My ideal: I send e-mails to the companies and they send me samples in the mail.

    Close to ideal: I'd like to go to a place (with my list?) and sample a bunch.Any suggestions for places where I'm likely to find a lot on my list? (in SF / EastBay)? What is the ettiquette for sampling (I feel slightly odd walking in with a list)? Is there an ettiquette for asking for a sample to take with me to see how it wears on my skin over time?

    Far-from-ideal, but next best: Ordering a bunch of very small samples -- I've tried tried this -- I didn't really like what I ordered (Creed -- too stuffy) and now I have a bunch of juice left that I'll only occasionally use. I'd prefer to order very small quantities (.25 ml) of a lot of different things. The trouble with this is that I can't help but be bothered by the mark-up when ordering small amounts, and I feel compelled to order a fairly large number of samples (to make the shipping worth while) which leaves me likely to have a lot of stuff I don't want.

    bad-but-maybe: used / marker-down bottles of just a few that I think I'm really likely to enjoy.

    no: ordering full bottles blind.

    Any suggestions -- is there an option I haven't considered.

    Want to Try:
    L'Artisan perfumer -- timbuktu
    Floris Santal
    Bel Ami
    Eau de Baux (L'Occitane)
    Brooks Brothers 1818
    McQueen's Kingdom
    Guerlain Coriolan
    Monk by Michael Storer
    Lorenzo Villoresi Wild Lavender
    Eau de Lavande by Annick Goutal
    Aqua Allegoria Lavande Velours
    Haute Provence
    Fleur de Lavande

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    Default Re: Made of List of Frags I want to Try: now what?

    On the Swap and Sell subforum here you'll find a lot of samples and decants of those on your list.

    Here's a thread about getting free samples:
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    Default Re: Made of List of Frags I want to Try: now what?

    when you look up the fragrance in the directory you can see (on the right side of your screen) if anyone has any in their swaplists. Then you can pm them and buy/swap.

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    Default Re: Made of List of Frags I want to Try: now what?

    Can I make a suggestion? You seem to like lavender - buy a bottle of Caron Pour Un Homme from an ebay retailer - $10 US - about the same as you'd pay for a couple of samples. It is the best lavender.

    I know you said no toblind buys, but hey, it's only 10 bucks.

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    Default Re: Made of List of Frags I want to Try: now what?

    I have one advice, if you happen to be at the mall, go to a department store and pick two from your list and spray one on each wrist, then do the rest of your shopping and smell each when you are done ^^
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    Default Re: Made of List of Frags I want to Try: now what?

    Are you serious about .25 ml? It would be like nothing for me! Not even enough to dab, I am not even speaking about spraying!
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    Default Re: Made of List of Frags I want to Try: now what?

    Welcome to Basenotes! There is a great, old fashioned (as in European style) perfume boutique in Portland,Oregon called The Perfume House. They have almost everything available on the market. You might be able to get all of your samples from them for free (or for a very nominal charge) by purchasing a gift certificate online that you could use for a later purchase. I think they have a website, but I'm not positive. Presumably you would use the G.C. to purchase one of the fragrances you sample.

    I've never actually tried promising a purchase but, on one of my first visits they prepared at least 2 dozen samples for me - I gave them a few hours notice before my arrival - and they didn't charge me a "scent", ha ha. I walked out without making a purchase on that day but, since then, I have spent over $300 on fragrances for myself and as gifts to friends. I could have saved money somewhere else, but I knew I never would have gotten all of those samples from most other dept. stores, so I payed it forward. Every time I have made a purchase there they send me away with at least 6 samples of my choice. THAT is service!

    I hereby verify that I am not an employee or relative or agent of any owners or employees of TPH and I hold no financial interest in the company (lol). I'm just a satisfied customer. I will say however that once in a while the staff can get just a bit testy when they're busy.

    Hope this helps!

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