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    Smile New to fragrance, new to basenotes!

    Hello all!

    I found basenotes from a friend online who was trying to describe his new cologne over instant messages. I had just recently purchased a cologne for my boyfriend (Ralph Lauren Polo Double Black) that I love so much, I looked up the basenotes on that fragrance as well.

    I find the website to be informative and it has sparked a fascination of fragrance! I have found the notes for Double Black, and I love it so much that I want to find something that I can love as much in a feminine fragrance for myself.

    The first question on my mind is: Now that I've read what the top, middle, and base notes are for Double Black, how can I determine which of these it is that I am noticing? I can use the website's advanced search to match some of the same notes in a feminine fragrance still in production, but I can't tell which note it is that I love! I'd hate to buy a feminine fragrance with "mango and cardomum" notes, only to find out that it's really the coffee and pepper that make me love Double Black.

    So in closing...

    First, thanks for running such a wonderful website! Second, does anyone know of a feminine fragrance that closely resembles Double Black? And thirdly, what is the best way for a newbie fragrance fan to go about learning the different notes and how to identify them?

    Pleased to make your acquaintance,

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    Default Re: New to fragrance, new to basenotes!

    Hi SanSue, and welcome!

    I'm also new to both fragrance fascination and basenotes (about a month I guess, though it seems like much longer). Regarding how to distinguish notes, my strategy has been to sniff as many different things as possible, and to study the notes of each. There are lots of websites that allow you to order samples of perfumes ( and are the ones I've used so far), and if you're anywhere near a Nordstrom they'll make you samples of anything you want for free.
    Since you have a particular fragrance whose notes you're curious about, try using the directory to find other frags with some similar notes, or maybe just one of the same notes. For instance, find another fragrance with cardamom, but that has nothing else in common with Polo Double Black, and try to notice the similarity. Then you'll have a clearer idea of what cardamom smells like, and can determine if that's one of the things you like so much about PDB.

    Let me extend a kind warning: this hobby can become addictive! You can probably tell that by reading the message boards for a day or two, but its easy to quickly develop a passion for wearing, trying, and BUYING perfume. I'm already completely enthralled, and am sure that I will be for the rest of my life.

    One more thought... you could just wear the Polo Double Black yourself! Lots of men and women here disregard the 'gender assignment' of a fragrance... you like what you like, y'know?

    Have fun!

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