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    Hello all. I recently purchased the Burberry London gift set at NM and to my disappointment when I opened it early the sprayer hardly works. I have to spray it 4-5 times before anything will actually come out. Does anyone know if NM will be willing to exchange it for me? I don't have the original receipt as I exchange my Angel Men gift set for a full size metal flash, but I do have the gift receipt.

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    I bought a Jo Malone from NM and had to return it. No questions asked. However, I do have my receipt. I think you shouldn't have any problem if you have the gift receipt.

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    Agreed. Generally, their service is pretty good and obviously your problem is a manufacturing defect and not just that you decided you didn't like the fragrance.

    Nevertheless, why ask us? The only way you'll know for sure is just to ask Neiman's directly. The most they can say is "no," but I doubt they will.
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    Neiman Marcus is exceptionally good when it comes to exchanges/returns. I've had a positive experience with them when it comes to that policy.
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    This should be no problem at all. If you wanted cash you would be out of luck....If for some reason they won't do an exchange.....They should give you an in-store credit....Like the others I do not think that you will have a problem.

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