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    Default Freedom at last....

    As some of you know, I checked myself into a rehab about 5 weeks ago. I was going to stay for only 3 weeks but extended for 5. During that time I did not spray one drop of perfume on me. The rehab had a strict policy on holding onto any items that contained alcohol in them. I figured why bother bringing cologne up there if they I can't hold on to it. I did however manage to rub magazine frag strips on my neck every once in a while. As well as using my deo as cologne. I guess you could say I was desperate. When I got home, I celebrated my birthday and I recieved a 4 oz bottle of Green Irish Tweed. It's a top notch cologne and I will make sure I use it wisely. I was also greeting with a package of decants that I ordered before I went into rehab. In that package included:
    JPG Le Male
    Swiss Army
    Leau D'Issey
    Leau Par Kenzo
    Tea for Two
    Geir EDP
    M7 Fresh
    Paco Rabanne XS
    Body Korous

    Various samples where thrown into the mix as well. I am stoked to try all these different frags out. I have alot of testing to do. My collection has grown out of hand and I needed to get to 500 posts to I can start selling in the marketplace. Never the less, I look forward to picking up where I left off. Which was learning about frags and sharing my experniences with the frags. Thanks to all the people who send me PM's while I was in there. It feels good to be back.

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    Default Re: Freedom at last....

    Toad Kings - good on ya!

    and wait for a cold misty day before trying Tea For Two. A big pot of Lapsang Souchong, a thick woolie sweater and a comfy chair by the fire are my recommended accompaniments.
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    Default Re: Freedom at last....

    Welcome back!!
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    Default Re: Freedom at last....

    One day at a time my man. Congrats and have a nice holiday season.

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    Default Re: Freedom at last....

    Good you had something nice to look forward to !

    Welcome back and enjoy!

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    Default Re: Freedom at last....

    welcome back, Kevin! I'm really glad that you are back ... you have some great scents to be testing.
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    Default Re: Freedom at last....

    Congratulations my friend and a very warm welcome back .

    Proud of you .

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    Default Re: Freedom at last....

    welcome back. lookn forward to reading your reviews about your new samples.

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    Default Re: Freedom at last....

    Thanks to all for the warm welcomes. It is good to back back and smelling scents on my body again. I look forward to testing out all these new decants and writing my thoughts about them. Happy Holidays to all

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    Default Re: Freedom at last....

    Congratulations and Happy Holidays!! Looks like you've chosen some great fragrances. Hope you enjoy trying them all out.

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