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    Default New: "Les Exclusifs de Chanel "

    I can't wait for these, I must fly to Paris nex Feb..
    now It clear why did Christopher Sheldrake -Serge Lutens perfumer- joine Chanel as Director of Research & Development for fragrance last year.


    [Les Exclusifs de Chanel -new fragrances
    by Robin on 22 December 2006

    Chanel will follow Hermès (Hermessences) and Giorgio Armani (Armani Prive) into niche perfume territory next year with the introduction of Les Exclusifs de Chanel in February. The line will include ten fragrances, each in a 200 ml spray for $175. Four are from the existing range (Chanel no. 22, Bois des Iles, Gardenia and Cuir de Russie). The six new fragrances, all from Chanel house perfumer Jacques Polge, are:

    Coromandel ~ "named for the Chinese lacquered screens Gabrielle Chanel collected, is a spirited oriental with amber and dry notes".

    28 La Pausa ~ "built around an iris note, is named for a house Mlle. Chanel owned in the South of France."

    Bel Respiro ~ "intended to evoke stems, leaves and springtime."

    No. 18 ~ based on ambrette seed and "named for the Chanel fine jewelry boutique at Place Vendôme".

    31 rue Cambon ~ an oakmoss-free chypre with a "dry, musky, nutty scent".

    Eau de Cologne ~ "a lively floral.... with citrus, bergamot and neroli."

    The Les Exclusifs de Chanel line will have its own counter at Bergdorf Goodman in New York. ]

    & the head title from wwd:

    [Published: Friday, December 22, 2006 Chanel Harkens Back to Perfumery
    By Julie Naughton
    In a market where introducing one truly distinctive fragrance is an achievement, Chanel perfumer Jacques Polge plans to release a collection of 10.

    In February, Les Exclusifs de Chanel, a group of fragrances featuring expensive, rare ingredients and representing what Polge calls the "artistic spirit" of the company's perfume business, will be rolled out to most Chanel boutiques in the U.S. and will enter Bergdorf Goodman in March. ]

    note: I couldn't find the quote options in the editing page, please feel free to modify what is neccesry.
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    Default Re: New: "Les Exclusifs de Chanel "

    Here's another thread of the same topic:
    "Wovon man nicht lesen kann, darüber muss man schreiben."

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