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    Default Fragrance Review: Dzing!

    Thanks to fellow basenother, Coconut.. I was fortunate enough to receive two samples of Artisan's much discussed Dzing! fragrance. For quite some time, I have been rather curious about this particular scent, seeing as it has been compared to everything from circus elephant to burnt tire to nasty leather, including everything in between. Some scents seem to have a close to unanimous reading amongst basenoters.. but Dzing! seems to be as subjective a fragrance as I have comr across on this site.

    The best words I can use to describe Dzing! are "beautiful chaos". There are so many characters fighting for supremacy that it feels like your mind is being put through some olfactory-induced slide show. "sweet", next.. "salty", next "dirty", next, "rubbery"..... interestingly, it never seems to settle on one. The fragrance seems to dart in and out of perceptions as playfully as 4 year old in Sugar Mountain (a local candy store). At times, Dzing reminds me of baking.... more specifically, a salty-sweet cookie, layered with a slight rubber accord and then dragged across a barnyard mudsoaked rubber boot.

    The often mentioned "circus elephant" note, resembles an organic barnyard smell, but not in the unpleasant sense of the word. There's something familiar, organic and utterly comforting in the scent.

    In essence, I love this fragrance. It's daring but not unwearable. Often, the most creative of fragrances don't ultimately result in something I'd enjoy leaving the house wearing, but Dzing! is certainly an exception. In encapsulates numerous qualities and blends them into a rather exciting and sexyfragrance. If you took Bulgari Black and beat it around a little and coaxed it into a healthy day of baking, farmwork... it might come back to the dinner table smelling faintly like Dzing!

    This certainly isn't one for the Gendarme crowd, but it also doesn't lean as far to the "daring" side as say a MKK. it's a safe man's dirty, a shy man's mess. The more I wore this fragrance throughout the day, the more I thoroughly enjoyed it's presence on me.

    Whether you hate it or not, it's one worth sampling.. a truly exciting creation.

    Longevity and Sillage were both above average on me.


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    Default Re: Fragrance Review: Dzing!

    yes dzing is very nice ,I mean alive, one I plan on purchasing a new bottle in 07.

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    Default Re: Fragrance Review: Dzing!

    My parable of Dzing!

    A man baking cookies in an oven, which is in a horse stall, using a baking sheet made out of Cedar....sums it up IMHO.

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    Default Re: Fragrance Review: Dzing!

    When I first recieved my Dzing! decant, I didn't know what to think of it. The wet cardboard description is spot on, which made me a bit wary. After a week however, I finally found the attraction. Behind the cardboard is a vanilla type sweetness that's oddly appealing. I think it's what makes the scent complete.

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    Default Re: Fragrance Review: Dzing!

    Of the L'Artisans I've tried so far, Dzing! is my favorite!
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    Default Re: Fragrance Review: Dzing!

    My favorite L'Artisan.

    This one screams for an Extreme version. Get to it, L'Artisan!

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