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    Default Surprise SMW gift from E-Bay!

    I was completely floored when my parents bought Silver Mountain Water for me at Christmas. I did not expect it at all! I went out with my mother in November just to do a little shopping before the holiday crowds, and of course I had to stop by a few places to smell some things. I had sprayed cards of various Creed scents, and as it so happened, my mother quietly fell in love with SMW and bought the 4oz. bottle on E-Bay for me, without ever saying a word. Here's the kicker - I knew the retail price is a little too high for her to consider SMW, or any frag for that matter, as being "worth it", so I asked about the price. Get this: $50, INCLUDING SHIPPING. While she thought it was the deal of a lifetime, I immediately thought, "OH NO A FAKE!!" and rushed to try it out. I am pleasantly surprised to report that everything looks good, and the smell is every bit as full-bodied as I remember it. I inspected the bottle, the packaging, etc, and it seems to be fine. There are a few small scratches in the paint on the bottle, but I'm not too worried with it...I haven't detected any of the giveaway signs of a fake bottle, and through one wearing, I believe I have the real thing. Among the other things I received was a digital camera, so as soon as I get it operating I'll post some pictures of the box/bottle for those excellent Creed-police we have on here for inspection, but so far, Merry Christmas to me!

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    Default Re: Surprise SMW gift from E-Bay!

    That's great, John! Congrats! SMW is a wonderful frag.
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    Default Re: Surprise SMW gift from E-Bay!

    Now there's a Mother! Great story John.

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