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    Default Help with classification of Fragrances

    Hello all, I'm a teenager, and somewhat new to basenotes and would like to develop my nose a little bit more. I am trying to figure out the different types of fragrances, such as oriental, musky, woodsy ect... I guess the hardest one for me to figure out is oriental. I have the following fragrances, if you could describe or classify them for me it would be wonderful. As well as any suggestions of fragrances I should try. Also what does SOTD stand for?
    I have the following bottles
    Allure Sport
    Aqua di Gio
    Armani Code
    Lacoste Essential
    and Decants
    Leau par Kenzo
    Gucci Envy
    Dand G
    Issey Miyake
    John Varvatos
    Versace Dreamer
    Burberry Brit
    John Varvatos
    Creed Silver Mountain Water
    Green Irish Tweed
    Original Santal

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    Default Re: Help with classification of Fragrances

    That's quite a collection for a teenager! SOTD stands for scent of the day. It's a pleasant way to say hello to the community, and if there's something special going on with someone they can post a sentence or two about it.

    There is a site called OzMoz that I don't visit often myself, but it may help you with those scents. It's a long list for someone to go down here!

    Orientals are usually spicy amber/vanilla fragrances. Good luck with your nose! And welcome to basenotes!
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    Default Re: Help with classification of Fragrances

    Thanks, how would Envy and M7 Fresh be classified? I can't seem to figure out what that note is.

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    Default Re: Help with classification of Fragrances

    As you've already likely figured out by now.. SOTD means Scent of the Day....

    In terms of Orientals.. I see orientals as warm fragrances that often possess an ambery vanilla (tonka bean, benzoin)base (as previously mentioned). Orientals also often have musks, woods and exotic spices in them. So, essentially... warm and spicy... examples of orientals would be... Musc Ravageur, Obsession for Men, Jaipur by Boucheron, Gucci Envy.....

    I found a decent site with men's and women's frag classifications.. Keep in mind that scents can overlap and that people can have different ideas of what equals a "floral"...... one's def. may differ from someone else's


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    Default Re: Help with classification of Fragrances

    mrmoedavid, the poster you will find under the following link helped (and helps) me a lot and I am glad to share it:
    And for the female perfumes:

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    Default Re: Help with classification of Fragrances

    This is a link to the fragrance finder on sephora's website. I don't know if you've seen this before but this might help.

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